Author: Jennifer Dawn

How To Successfully Grow Your Blog or Business

Check Out This FREE TO JOIN Marketing Platform FREE Resources Library Success! Name Email Subscribe Do you want to know how to Successfully Grow Your Blog Or Business? Then read on! I am going to share with you some of the best methods to Grow Your Blog or Business Quickly! New Bloggers Often Wonder.. Where do I Start? After you have decided on a domain name, you will need to purchase the Domain, to check for availability and to Purchase, I used GoDaddy. One of the best known and Trusted Sources. HOSTING: Once you have purchased your domain, you...

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The Shift ..

Hello Friends!   I know you are used to seeing a completely different site but knowing my Philosophy … If you want things to Change , You Have to MAKE Change! I decided it was time to make a change so things were more inline with all that I am and do! Yes, I will still be sharing things that interest me ,D.I.Y projects, Recipes and other lovely little nuggets but I have shifted towards not just sharing but helping other people create the Life that they truly desire. And How you CAN Turn Your Passion Into Profit! I...

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Food Allergy Freedom – Looking For Allergy Friendly Holiday Recipes?

Want A Sneak Peak At One Of The Recipes? Dairy Free Salted Caramels ... Mmmm Success! Name Email Yes , Show Me!   Why should everyone else have all the fun at holiday gatherings? Everyone around you gets to eat without questioning the hostess about every ingredient and if you get to eat anything, well, it’s probably the least exciting dish out of the bunch. I totally know how that feels. We have had to make many dietary changes in this house. I have found that certain foods really make my Fibromyalgia, Nerve & Sciatic Pain flare up and...

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