The Holidays do not look the same for everyone. While most are wishing for new tv’s, gadgets and candy, someone living with a chronic illness or chronic pain will have a very different wish list.

So what does the wishlist look like?

Here are the top 10!


1. A heating Pad of any kind.

2. Pain Relief Sprays, Balms, Lotions & Bath Soaks

3. A weighted Blanket

4. A massager

5. Essential Oils, Diffuser, and EO Jewelry

6 . Detoxing Products

7. Anxiety Relieving Products

8 . Notebooks, Journals & Planners

9. Gardening SuppliesPlants & Seeds

10. Natural Products


As someone living with a chronic illness, we just want things that are going to make things a little more manageable & enjoyable

If you know someone with a Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain, they are sure to appreciate any of these gifts!

If you live with chronic pain, let me know in the comments below what you can’t live without!