3 Techniques for Reaching Your Full Potential

No matter what we do for a living whether it’s in the service sector, a self-employed gardener, or a Wall Street trader, we are all part of the same human race and we all require the same care for our mind, soul, and body.

Understanding that these are all linked is a key concept of living a happy and fulfilling life that allows you to maximize your own potential and be the powerful being you were meant to be.

People from all walks of life can benefit from either professional development, spiritual focus, or physical exercise but by combining all three of these you can truly reach your potential.

While many might find that doing all of these is difficult at first, once you have an established routine you will begin to see benefits and none of these takes much time. The three core concepts for potential are:

  • Continuous improvement
  • PMA and meditation
  • Exercise

Initially developed for business processes, continuous improvement can be applied to your professional and personal life while a positive mental attitude combined with meditation can focus your mind on your goals and physical exercise has been linked to good mental health as well as the obvious bodily benefits.

Play the Long Game

Developed as a process for the incremental improvement of a process over time, the concept of continuous improvement is widely used in business and manufacturing. But some of the key components that make up the model can be applied to your professional and personal life.

While this was developed for large scale business, applying it to yourself could go as follows:

  1. Set incremental goals; set a goal for yourself with a deadline and how you can achieve it.
  2. Disassemble large tasks; don’t try to do everything at once and manage smaller tasks as part of a larger goal.
  3. Track data and progression; constantly keep a record of activity as data such as dates, what was achieved, how it was achieved, and if a goal was met.

Stay Focused and Positive

The benefits of a positive mental attitude cannot be understated when trying to achieve a goal. There are many PMA techniques such as visualization, goal setting, and the law of attraction. Combined with meditation and relaxation, adopting a sound PMA strategy can help you to clearly define goals and how to achieve them.

The law of attraction was made famous by the best-selling book ‘The Secret’ and the basic premise is that we get back what we put out. The Secret teaches that the key to success is constantly thinking about success, whatever that means to you. Many people use a visualization board to help with this.

Clearing the mind with a meditation technique will further help with visualization as it is widely known that meditation can focus your mind. This doesn’t have to be a task like that of Tibetan monks. Using a guided meditation for just 5 or 10 minutes a day will do wonders for recentering yourself.

Care for the Brain as Well as the Body

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, nobody can deny that, but physical exercise has also been linked to good mental health. As well as shaping and toning the body, exercise can shape and tone the mind by providing both a focused task such as repetitions and releasing serotonin and endorphins as we do it.

These two chemicals are the brain’s natural feel-good hormones that allow us to experience positive emotions such as when eating, accomplishing something, or making love. Exercise promotes these and a deficiency of them has been linked to many negative mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

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