4 Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

Managing stress effectively can make all the difference in how you approach stressful situations in your life. Sadly, there are many things we come into contact with during our lives that can cause us stress. From running late to work due to situations out of your control to not manage your finances and worrying about how you will pay your bills or even health-related stress.

Most people can agree that how you manage different types of stress in your life will affect how a stressful event or situation will affect your reaction. Managing stress effectively will help you resolve this situation quicker and easier and having coping mechanisms in place is one way.

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Relaxing hobby

Having something outside of your work and home life that you can use to remove yourself from the situation to give you time to breathe and process what is causing you undue stress can help you process what is happening.

Hobbies such as knitting, puzzles, drawing, gardening, crafts, cooking, building model railways, click this link to find out more, or villages can allow you time to distract yourself and reduce stressful feelings you may be experiencing.


Writing in a journal or making a note of what you are going through can provide you with a big release from what you are going through. Once the thoughts are out of your head and logically work through them and create a plan, it becomes a much more manageable issue immediately. 

Leave a notepad and pen by your bed, favourite chair, or in your bag for work to allow you to work through problems as soon as you encounter them to allow you to work through the problem quickly and resolve it easier than letting it sit in your head.


Pent stress and emotions can be damaging to your mental and physical health. It is for this reason medical professionals recommend that exercise as a way to manage or reduce stress. Aim for 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day allows you to work up a sweat and raise your heart rate. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, so aside from benefiting your body, it can boost your mental health and give you a better headspace to work through what is causing you stress.


As hard as it sounds to relax when you are stressed, this is possibly the time when you need to do it the most. Call it self care, but taking time out to relax your body and mind will help you feel calmer. When you feel calmer, everything is much more manageable, and you can reduce your stress levels.

Ways to relax include taking a long hot bath, visiting a spa for a massage or beauty treatment, reading a book, using aromatherapy oils to help you to unwind, yoga, or meditation. The technique required to master meditation can help you find a zone when you can erase everything from your mind and allow your body to relax fully.

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