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The Best Website Builder for New Bloggers and Marketers

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I remember when I first started my blog and struggling to learn coding and how to get my blog to look just right! What a pain in the @$$ that was! I am surprised I have any hair left on my head.
Thankfully, these days newbies do not have to go through the same headaches. Website building has been made easy peasy by Ucraft.

It boasts several really handy features:

– Easy to use, drag and drop website builder
– Customizable and responsive website templates
– Free subdomain
– Option to connect your custom domain for free
– Hosting and seamless updates
– 24/7 support if you ever need some help
– Designer Tools to fine-tune the UX
– Articles App for blogging

And some really cool built in integrations

Ucraft has a simple to use drag & drop editor which is super handy for those who are not so technically inclined.

You can have your website, landing pages and hosting all in one tidy little bundle!
If you are new to blogging or marketing you should know that if you are going to maintain a website , do not use free sites like Weebly!
Your blog will not get any recognition when using a free site and you will lose out on many opportunities and income streams available only to those who have a dedicated domain.
Not to mention , if you are a marketer, who is going to take you seriously if you are using a free Weebly site?

Seriously …if you can’t afford to invest $8 month in to your business you may need to re think your plan.
I know this might sound a bit harsh but believe me when I tell you I have been there my friend! I started seeing massive growth the moment I threw my free host out the window!

If you want to earn money from it like it is a business then you need to start treating it like a business and invest in the growth.

Give it a try for a month and see what you think. I always recommend that you commit yourself to at least 30 days to start seeing results but 60-90 days is where I really think people start to get in to good habit forming activities and start seeing truly amazing growth!

If you build a website with Ucraft , drop the link below. I would love to take a look at your design!

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23 thoughts on “The Best Website Builder for New Bloggers and Marketers”

  1. Hey – thanks for the insight! I’ll definitely take a look at UCraft for my next site. Does UCraft replace WordPress? Does using free sites impact the SEO, in your experience?

    x, Caitlyn

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      Hi Caitlyn.

      No Ucraft does not replace wordpress but for beginners or those who are not quite as techie, it is much easier to use. Free sites for the most part do not rank as well , and they just don’t look professional.

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      That is where I would have to disagree… if you cant afford $8 for a business expense, you may need to re think your business plan. You would be better off to run everything through a Facebook page rather than using a free blog/website. I Blogged for the first year or so on a free site and it honestly was a huge waste of time.

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      That is Unfortunate Elaine! Sometimes it take a little trial and error to find what works for you. Good luck with your Blog!

  2. I started blogging a long time ago but I don’t really consider that time because when I started I did everything wrong. The info you’re sharing here is valuable and I believe a new blogger can benefit from it big time. I wish I knew all these before.

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      I can definitely relate.. I spent the first year or so on a free site and it was a big waste of time when I look back on it. I have found many things useful in growing my blog and business since then and hope that you will find some of it useful to you!

  3. I like that you go by the principle that if you want to make money from it like a business, then you treat it like one and invest in the growth. Thanks for your nuch needed advice.

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      You Know Mary, I did not always have that mindset. It took a lot of research and education to change that but once I did … big things started to happen!

  4. I’m in agreement with this….a free theme/site doesn’t shout out professional and serious to businesses that you want to promote yourself to. I wish I had this information at the time that I started my blog.

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      Me too Ella! Sometimes it is hard not to think about the missed opportunities. But you learn and move on. All in due time … Once you have the right mindset and tools , the sky is the limit!

    1. Jennifer Dawn

      Thank you so much Julie! This website has been my baby! I am very proud of the growth I have had. I have never considered myself very tech inclined but I find wordpress fairly easy to use. I do not really know much about coding either but I do know about great plug ins! 🙂

  5. Weebly was one of the first platforms I started with. I still don’t fully no coding but I’ve mastered how to manipulate templates on WordPress with the knowledge of coding that I do.

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