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How To Build Your Email List In 60 Days

How To Build Your Email List In 60 Days

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have , an email list is crucial to building rapport with customers & clients and to generate and increase sales.

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You will learn the basics of email marketing ( plus some bonuses) and the best part about it all is that the tools are completely FREE for you for 60 days!

You will learn how to create professional pages just like the pro’s and how to drive traffic with Pinterest to get sign ups to your highly targeted list full of hungry buyers! 

An Email List Is
To Build Trust With Your Targeted Audience!

How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Posts

How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Posts

Next to Pinterest, Instagram is likely one of my favorite Social Media Marketing platforms. Like many, I am a very visual person and if you have great Instagram content and use relevant Instagram hashtags, you will likely get a ton of engagement.

Which can really increase your revenue as an Instagram influencer. There are many ways to monetize your Instagram and other social media accounts and we will get to those but first things first, you need to get people to actually see the content that you are posting!

Disclaimer: This site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The best way to get your Instagram content seen is by using relevant, popular hashtags. You can save yourself tons of time researching which hashtags are the most popular by using Tailwind’s Hashtag finder 2.0 for Instagram.

find the best instagram hastags for bloggers. Get your Instagram content seen by using the hashtag generator! Get relevant, popular hashtags to use to become an Instagram Influencer. You can easily monetize your Instagram by using this simple tool. #instagram #marketingtips Best Hashtags for Bloggers// Instagram Marketing Strategy // Hashtag Ideas

Popular Instagram Hashtag Generator

– Get a fresh selection of hashtags for every post, every time.
– Hashtag suggestions now appear and refresh as you type, whether you include hashtags or not!
– Find even more hashtags by shuffling them or quickly dismissing the ones that aren’t quite right.
– Hover over any hashtag to see how popular it is so you can quickly pick the best ones for you.

This also makes it so much easier for Social Media Managers to mange several Instagram Accounts at one time. You can easily double your income as a Instagram Social Media Manager by Using Tailwind. ( Get A FREE TRIAL of Tailwind here )

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Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers

It has never been easier for Bloggers to find relevant hashtags for their content than it is right now with Tailwind.  Are you using Tailwind ? What is your favorite feature? And if you aren’t using Tailwind yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. Get your FREE TRIAL now!

Grow Your Business In 4 Simple Steps

Grow Your Business In 4 Simple Steps

It doesn’t matter whether you started out as a sole trader or whether you launched your business with a group of like-minded pals, the chances are that you’ll want to expand at the earliest opportunity. For your growth plans to be successful, you must ensure that you are not running before you are walking. If you are still in the embryonic stages of business formation without a clear business vision or any financial forecasting to speak of, hold off on the international plans for a few months. Be sensible, and solidify your business plan initially. Only when you are a thriving startup with a loyal customer base, and a buoyant cash flow should you even begin to consider putting the growth feelers out into the market.

Growing your business will be a daunting time. You want to retain as much profit as possible, yet you know that you will have to reinvest and speculate to accumulate. Remember, you had to seek funding when you first launched your company and to expand, you might have to do so again. However, this time you have a pedigree reputation for success behind you. Take a look at how you can grow your business successfully in four simple steps.


You don’t have to pump money into your business through business loans. Instead, consider alternative and more millennial style routes. Crowdfunding is a great way to allow amateur investors from across the globe to invest in your business entity. They can contribute to your funding request nominally and in return, you could offer them a discount on products or services. You pitch in the same way as you would to your bank manager, only this time it’s all done over the wonderful world of the Internet. Upload a video, be enthusiastic, explain why you need the funding and how your service or product can benefit the world and see if your idea is worthy of investment. With a global reach, your name and brand will have a more prominent visibility online.


With growth comes more work and potentially more branches and sites for your business. This means you will need to inevitably hire staff. You need to aim for a cohesive team that really buys into the vision of your startup. Forget hiring the candidate that has been to Yale and has a decade’s worth of experience in conglomerates if he’s boring, lacks personality and wouldn’t be a good fit for your company.

Consider a more inexperienced team that you can mold into your perfect employees. The chances are that they will also be cheaper, eager to impress and willing to work hard to secure potential promotions. Ensure that you value your employees and pay fairly. Use specialist software when considering how to calculate employee work hours and ensure shifts are allocated equally. Consider outsourcing your payroll function, as more employees can mean the tedious task of working out 401(k) implications and taxes. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Market Research

Never attempt to expand without testing the market first. Just because your product is ridiculously successful in the United States, doesn’t mean that it will be in Europe. Spend some time at European trade fairs and test the water with your product. You may receive valuable feedback regarding how to tweak your product for the foreign market to make it more profitable. You may even stumble across other ideas to bring to your niche once you’ve conducting some high-quality market research.

Social Media

Exploiting the millennials’ communication method of choice is vital if you are to grow your business successfully. You need a strong online presence, and your Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram grid need to be updated regularly with fresh, relevant and readable content. The chances are that a high percentage of traffic will be directed to your blog and website from these platforms so it’s vital that you can convert your visitors and followers into sales.

Use your social media channels for self promotion. After all, it’s free! Online marketing is a skill in itself so consider if you have the necessary in-house talent to achieve the high Google search ranking that you need. At the very least you need SEO and keywording knowledge. If you don’t, then outsource. This will be money well spent.

Growing your business is one of the most exciting aspects of entrepreneurship. Plan well, take your time and maintain the integrity of your business vision at all times. Follow this guide to ensure that you can expand your current startup successfully.

3 Reasons Why Your Website Is More Important for Your Professional Success than You May Realize

3 Reasons Why Your Website Is More Important for Your Professional Success than You May Realize

Many people begin their businesses thinking about how they’re going to utterly revolutionize their particular field, and offer a product or service that is so good and innovative, that it’ll inevitably take all would-be customers by storm.


The only issue with this, is that it often represents a mentality of putting the cart before the horse, or at the very least, misunderstanding the importance of some fundamentals in business.


To begin with, having a great product is essential, but without a good and committed approach to marketing, it’s entirely likely that your product will never come to the attention of the vast majority of those who might otherwise be tempted to make a purchase.


Another related area where many people fall short, is in failing to comprehend the incredible importance of leveraging their website for the greatest possible impact.


Here are some reasons why you simply cannot afford for your professional website to be amateurish, and why it matters more to your professional success than you may realize.


In the digital age, your website is your storefront and billboard all in one


You may that the basic website that you’ve cobbled together in an afternoon, containing photos of yourself lifted from Instagram, is a convincing enough platform for your customers, but you might be surprised if you knew just how much of a difference in engagement you might have if you had relied on professional web design services instead.


In the digital age, your website is your storefront and your billboard all in one. It’s the place where the majority of your prospective customers will, in all likelihood, first encounter you, and for that reason, it’s essential that you spare no effort in offering the best first impression possible, via your site.


People will often scan your website before making a decision on using your services


Customers and clients generally look for signifiers of trustworthiness before making a purchase. Whether or not your business is primarily web-based, your website will inevitably be one of the first places where people look when trying to make a decision on whether or not to use your services.


Just as a buyer would shy away from a product that he had found appealing only moments ago, if he noticed that all the reviews were one star, so too can you expect people to shy away from you if, upon visiting your website, they get a sense that you’re unprofessional, amateurish, or otherwise untrustworthy.


Choose your website layout with care, and be mindful of how the text on your landing page is worded, too.


Your website is, itself, a measure of your professionalism and credentials


Related to the last point, your website will, for better or worse, often be used as a yardstick by which to judge your overall professionalism and credentials.


The assumption is generally made that successful, prosperous business have glossy, professionally done websites, with plenty of engaging copy and glowing testimonials on display.


Fall short of this ideal, and you may find yourself unfairly sidelined and undervalued, whether or not you’re a veteran professional in your field.

If Blogging Is Your Business, Then You Need To Build Trust

If Blogging Is Your Business, Then You Need To Build Trust

It doesn’t take long to differentiate between a blogger who treats their website as a business, and one who blogs just for a bit of side-project fun. If you’re running your blog as a business, then you need to be professional, and a big part of that is spending time developing a relationship based on trust between you and your visitors. Unlike traditional brick and mortar stores, you don’t have the option of getting to know your visitors in an intimate, one-on-one way. The only world needs different rules. We outline some of these rules below.

If Blogging is your business. then keep reading

Honest Practices

We know that you want your business to be a success, but remember: there are billions of other sites, and if you’re annoying or otherwise deceiving your visitors, then they’re not going to trust your website…and they’re going to head elsewhere. So what do “honest practices” include, exactly? Well, if you’re tricking your visitors into clicking ads – say by hiding one in an ‘X’ next to a pop-up – then they’re not going to feel like they can trust you. It’s also imperative that you keep their data safe and secure!

Online and Reliable

You could have a website that people love, but if they’re visiting your site and they don’t know whether it’s going to be online or offline, then it won’t be long before they stop returning. If you’re determined to make your website a success, then work with a company like Quicktech to ensure you’re always up and running. You’ll also want to check that your site loads quickly, and on a variety of internet browsers, too. This is less about trust in the traditional sense, more about people’s lack of patience these days. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, they’ll be hitting the X button.

Spelling and Image Errors

If you’ve built up a core group of followers, then the occasional spelling mistake or low-quality image isn’t going to make too much of a difference. But if you’re making too many mistakes, then you will affect the number of new followers you can get. It’s worthwhile putting your website under the microscope every now and again to ensure that your blogs and images are mistake-free.

Keep Things Updated

It’s better to throw on the odd dud blog post than not put on any at all. People are drawn to the new. If your website hasn’t been updated in a year or more, then the number of visitors is going to nosedive, no matter how good your existing content might be. Trust is a two-way street, after all. Visitors don’t want to think that they’re just visiting a site where the owner has left. They want to think that they’re part of something that’s alive and kicking. The same goes for your social media sites; there’s nothing sadder than visiting a website’s Facebook or Twitter page and seeing that it hasn’t received an update in years. Keep it updated, or close it down.

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