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Working From Home With Kids – How To Grow Your Young Living Business

Working From Home With Kids – How To Grow Your Young Living Business

Have you been struggling to find home based business ideas that are flexible around working from home with kids? You are not alone! So many people are having to shift the way they do business and make money.

What would you do if you could create a business that centered around health and well being, mindset , using chemical free products and creating passive income?

What if you could be mentored by one of the World’s Top Motivational Speakers & Coaches  AND be trained by a Pinterest Marketing Specialist along with a team of Leaders?

Home Based Business Ideas For Women

You have the opportunity right now to create your own business , help people improve the quality of their lives and join a Team With Jack Canfield & Jennifer Dawn!

We have joined forces to bring natural healing and improved mindset to the forefront. Not only are you learning how to build the foundation for a solid home based business, you learn how to start ditching and switching those harmful chemical laden products that you may presently be using.


You learn how to let go of limited beliefs that have previously held you back from reaching your full potential and how to do this authentically and with purpose and passion! You also get to improve your health and well being while showing others how they can do the same.

We Bring The Young Living Business Building To A Whole New Level!

One of the biggest reasons people fail is the lack of support. I have experienced this myself in the past when I have joined other direct sales companies. You sign up with hopes of creating a solid business and then you never hear from your upline again. We believe that support is one of the biggest keys to your success.

That is why The Jack Canfield Young Living Team Created The Young Living Business Builder Bootcamp. This is where our Team of Leaders actually train you how to build and grow your business.  We don’t charge you hundreds of dollars to be in our circle either… all you need to do is simply purchase your Starter Kit and BOOM , you are now a part of our Team! 

As a Blog and Business Coach and Pinterest Marketing Specialist. I can show you numerous ways to grow your business passively and let me tell you that this even works for shy introverts!

But you don’t stay that way for long … after all , you are working with Jack Canfield.

Anyone who grabs their starter kit from me is going to be gifted entry into the Full Pinterest Marketing Course along with the Business Builder Bootcamp. If you need help to walk you through signing up and choosing your kit just contact me and we will book a time to walk you though live! 

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest To Grow Your Young Living Essential Oils Business

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest To Grow Your Young Living Essential Oils Business

You started your essential oils business because you want to make massive impact and help changes lives … This is exactly why you should be using Pinterest to grow your Young Living Business!

I recently spoke at event and shared the slides below . Just take a look at those numbers! What would it mean for your business if you were able to get in front of a much larger audience of people who are actively searching for holistic healing, health and nutrition?

Disclaimer: This site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How To Grow Your Young Living Business

The search volume has seen massive increase in anything having to do with health & wellness, making money from home with kids , mindset and the Law Of Attraction.

There are so many searches being done for things like DIY essential oil blends and DIY natural products. More and more people are gearing towards toxin free , chemical free homes. Wouldn’t it be great for your Young Living Business to get in front of those eyes?

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Marketing Young Living Essential Oils

I have spent several years promoting various products on Pinterest and I have never seen such growth in the search for essential oils and other holistic options for treating your health.

** Pro Tip **Use Pinterest to grow your email list so that you can market to your potential customers and future distributors!

I have partnered with Jack Canfield & Young Living.

 Anyone who joins our Young Living Team through my link will not only get the opportunity to be led by Jack himself and special training available only to our team, you will also receive the bonus of my Pinning For Profit Course. ( A $500 USD value on its own!)

Learn how to take those beautiful Young Living product photos and your favorite diffuser blends and start promoting your business with my Pinterest marketing strategies.

How To Create A Website & Make Money Blogging

How To Create A Website & Make Money Blogging

Creating a money making website is something that is on the minds of many entrepreneurs, those looking to either supplement their income or replace their income from their current 9-5. Would you like to know how to create a website and make money blogging? I have created several websites over the years and have mastered the art of creating beautiful websites for different niches and monetizing them. Many of the tools I use are inexpensive and easy to use, making it possible for newbies to create professional looking, automated and monetized websites.

Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

10 Things You Will Need To Consider When Creating Your Website

1. Domain Name & Website Hosting

I cannot even begin to stress how important this first step is. It is imperative to research your niche market before hand and make sure to choose quality hosting. I know that many people are are on a budget when starting on but do not start off with free hosting with the intention of changing it later. I can tell you firsthand that this is a nightmare and any reputable business will have their own domain name. Companies who may consider paying you for a sponsored blog post or ad space will typically turn down working with a free site. The same goes for reputable advertising networks , they require you to have your own domain.

This is a business and you need to treat it as such, business’s will have expenses and will become tax write offs for your business. And while cutting costs might seem like a good idea, believe me when I tell you it is not! I personally use Siteground for my hosting needs ( most hosting companies will also have the ability for your to purchase your domain name and will often provide a free one when you purchase their hosting plan) 

I have used hosting site such as Host Gator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost but was not happy with the service, speed or constant downtime of my site. I have been with Siteground for quite some time and their customer service is spectacular! ( Plans start around $3.95 per month)

TIP: When you purchase a years worth of hosting you save on monthly fees and will typically get a pretty good discount!

2. Landing Pages & Opt In Forms

There will be a little cross over with page & form builders and your email marketing service. I love Leadpages for creating beautiful , professional landing pages and have even used them to build an entire website! You can host it on your own domain or have it hosted by Leadpages. ( As previously mentioned , I recommend having your own domain.)

Here is an example of an entire site created with the Leadpages site builder.

I have tested several different platforms for creating Landing Pages & Sales Funnels and Leadpages is by far the easiest to use, most affordable , and creates beautiful , professional sales pages with ease. Another bonus is that is compatible with my favorite email marketing platform and my wordpress websites. I presently am on the $79 per month plan , which is the middle tier of their services. They offer a FREE TRIAL for you to test it out for yourself! 

Another feature I love is the analytics breakdown of your pages … this makes it easier for you to see which pages are performing well.

3. Email Marketing

If you have done any prior research on running a business, I am sure you have heard the phrase that the money is in the list…

There are many ways to grow your email list ( we discuss this and all the topics in this article in detail in Blog & Business Blueprint) and having a easy to use platform is key in creating and tracking your email list.  When people visit your website , you will want to encourage repeat visits and the way you accomplish this is via an email list.

I have been using Convert Kit for years and in fact, when I switched to ConvertKit I started seeing improved deliverability with my email and an increase in open rates.

You can also create opt in forms and landing pages with Convert Kit.  Platforms like Convert Kit and Leadpages enable you to run an online business without even having your own domain.

4. Social Media Sharing Plug Ins

So you have created a beautiful website with great content … now what? How are you going to get more people to view it? Social Sharing Buttons! Make it easy for visitors to share with plug ins like Social Warfare.  Adding this one thing to your website can dramatically increase website traffic. Take a look at the side bar on the right and you can see how many times blog posts were shared increasing my website visitors.

5. Analytics & Tracking

Now that you have people coming to your website, you will want to track things like how many clicks , which piece of content is performing best, where the clicks are coming from, how many visits your get per month and how long people are staying on your site. Google Analytics can be kind of confusing, especially for beginners so I use two simple tools , Pretty Links To track clicks and Monster Insights for more in depth analytics.



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    6. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

    Always do some research for long tailed keywords before you even create your content so that you can implement proper SEO to your blog posts for maximum exposure. This will help you gain organic traffic not only from Google but from other platforms as well. You can really increase your organic traffic by combing it with Pinterest Search Engine Optimization.

    7. Branding Your Business

    The best way to make your business stand out is with on point branding. Your logo and branded color palette will be how your clients and customers get to know your personal brand. Choose something that really reflects your business. You will want to LOVE your logo before you start branding anything .. rebranding can be an expensive and timely venture.  You can hire a professional to create your logo and can even find someone fairly inexpensive on Fiverr or Etsy.

    Or if you are felling creative , you can create your own on any one of these platforms.

    Once you have your logo you can then create your own branded merch with print on demand platforms like Printify or Printful.

    8. Marketing Your Business

    Your new business is going to need a marketing strategy! You can focus on organic marketing , paid advertising or a combination . I combine both and teach organic Pinterest Marketing in Pinning for Profit. SEO really comes into play when utilizing organic search engine marketing.

    9. Automating Your Business

    Once you have all of the pieces put together you will find that you have created a system that runs and grows your business almost on autopilot!

    The use of scheduling tools will help get your content in front of more eyeballs and ensure that your content is gong out on a regular basis. I use both Tailwind and Tassi to accomplish this.

    Other schedulers include:

    10. Creating Additional Income Streams

    There are several different ways for you to monetize your website and create several different streams of income. Some ideas for income streams include:

    • Ad Networks
    • Selling Ad Space
    • Create Your Own E-course
    • Write A Book
    • Sell physical products
    • Create An E-commerce Store
    • Host A Training Webinar
    • Affiliate Marketing
    How I Made Over 10K Online Last Year As A Blogger While Working Around Chronic Illness.

    How I Made Over 10K Online Last Year As A Blogger While Working Around Chronic Illness.

    Can You Make Money With Blogging & Affiliate Marketing?

    If you had asked me last year if I thought I could make 10k online , my answer would have been YES! (although my answer may have reeked of self doubt!)

    Because even though I had read several case studies and know several 6, 7 and 8 Figure earners personally, I was working against a chronic illness that left me in bed more times than not. This  equated to additional fears around my health and our finances and not a whole lot of of time to focus on creating or growing a new business. Hell, most days my focus was trying to muster up the ambition, as well as physical and mental strength to just get out of bed and dressed.

    Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
    Blogging Tips For Beginners - Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

    I knew I HAD to find a way to make passive income online and I refused to be one of those sleazy marketers trying to get people to join their MLM that required huge start up costs, an inventory of personal product or taking out loans to invest in high ticket programs that they would never see a return from. Now don’t get me wrong , there are several High ticket programs that will get you results , but I am talking about the ones that charge you premium buck and offer no value what so ever. 

    When I first got sick, I opted to try a couple of high ticket programs and for me it was a complete and utter failure! However, I do think a big part of it was I was not ready for it … I go more in to depth on some of the reasons why in this post.

    It was like trying to run before you learned how to walk because the mentoring was not at the level I needed at the time. I wanted to find the answers for people who really had no clue and provide passive income ideas for beginners that did not necessarily require a ton of upfront cost or time investment. Sounds impossible right? It’s not …

    How Pinterest Can Earn You Passive Income Streams

    Now before I get in to discussing just how Pinterest has earned me over 10k online last year while suffering from Fibromyalgia and severe anxiety, let me just say that when you decide to start your own business online, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

    There will be investment … you will be either investing time or money , quite possibly both. You will either pay someone to show you the way either with online courses or private coaching. OR you will be spending all of your time looking for free information and just throwing it at the wall to see what sticks. I went that route for several years and got NOWHERE!

    The income earned was a combination of affiliate income, Pinterest Services and AD income.

    So if you are looking for some get rich quick , make 10 k this month for FREE kind of thing with no work involved, then this post is not for you. What  I will tell you with 100 % certainty is this …

    • There is unlimited opportunity to earn passive income online
    • Consistent effort will yield results
    • Mindset is EVERYTHING!
    • Having a Mentor makes a MASSIVE difference! ( I have several)
    • Creating income online around your passion is not only possible but a reality for many!
    Make Money Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing Passive Income Streams

    One Lucky Student Will Also Receive a 1 HR Coaching Call!

    This is just from my paypal account for 2019 ( does not include the other forms of payment free products, services , cheques or direct deposits.

    This is also mostly from the last 6 months of the year and I attribute that to a number of things.

    The majority of my traffic has been free organic traffic, so it can take a couple of months for an optimized SEO post to get indexed by the search engines. ( Want to learn more about SEO For Bloggers? Lena Gott has an amazing FREE course as well as paid course that teach you how to do this and is where I get a ton of my information. You can also learn about Pinterest SEO from any one of the courses mentioned in my post here.

    Secondly, I spent the majority of the year focusing on my health so that I could be more consistent with my business and so I could be well enough to do the things that I was truly passionate about. Like studying Quantum Physics, Plant Medicine & Crystal Healing & different modalities of Energy Healing ( You can donate to the studies here) and creating. along with creating beautiful healing jewelry and healing aromatherapy and crystal products.

    Getting my health on track was a huge priority. In October I had to have major dental surgery to prevent my body from going in to sepsis. So we had additional debt on top of years worth of debt from me only being able to work short spurts or not at all because of my illness. 

    It was really around this time that I started working on healing my body and improving my mindset. I cannot even tell you how many times I worked propped up in bed. Learning new skills, strategies and income producing activities and then implementing as I went along. I am a huge advocate of earn while you learn, because if you wait until things are perfect, odds are you will never get started!

    So yes, in essence, had I had more time to focus on being consistent with my business, I would have experienced even greater results! But let me ask you this? What kind of difference would an extra 10k per year make for you? For my family it meant more money to find something that improved my health , it also meant a little less stress while we worked at becoming debt free and living our dream life. It allowed me more time to learn and develop a network of like minded entrepreneurs and launch my own course , products and services!

    I went from bed ridden to branded professional blogger very quickly and now teach others how to grow an online business utilizing Pinterest as the Power House to drive traffic to their websites, products and services.

    There is a massive dip in traffic over the last 2-3 weeks due to a test I was running and the typical drop in traffic after the holidays.

    But what I love about Pinterest is even without what some refer to as Vanity metrics, Pinterest is actually a search engine so your products or services can be found even without a large following. This type of targeted traffic can be sent to low cost affiliate offers or high ticket coaching programs. Pinterest affiliate marketing is also possible to do even without a Blog, website or products of your own.

    Pinning for Profit will now be updated twice per year and I expect that with the next update the cost of the course will also increase as it will be more in depth.  There will be at least 2 new case studies in the next update as well.Existing students will get the update FREE of charge! 


    Join over 1300 other students who have gone through the course and implemented these strategies to see consistent growth. If you are an existing student,  please send your testimonials to Each month I will be giving away a 30 minute coaching call to students who submit a testimonial.


    What Kind Of Business Can Be Promoted On Pinterest?

    Pinterest makes it easy for almost any business to reach a targeted audience and you will find business’s in almost every niche on the Pinterest platform. Listed below are just a few examples.

    6 Of The Best Pinterest Courses For Making Money

    6 Of The Best Pinterest Courses For Making Money

    6 Of The Best Pinterest Courses To Grow Your Online Business

    Whether you are a beginner blogger , entrepreneur , coach or have another online business, you will want to check out 6 Of The Best Pinterest Courses For Making Money with an online business. 

    Regardless of which one of these courses you choose, you can’t go wrong! Each course is jam packed with valuable information on how to effectively market your business with proven Pinterest marketing strategies.

    These are all courses that I personally recommend! I have taken my fair share of marketing courses over the years and these are definitely my Top 6!

    Learn Pinterest Marketing Strategies from the best of the best! 

    Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    This course really got me started with my love of Pinterest Marketing. Firstly, Kat Sullivan is a brilliant marketer and business woman. Secondly, her courses are all very well laid out, easy to understand and implement. Above all, she is an amazing mentor and I am proud to be one of the founding members of her Inner Circle. She is unquestionably the Princess of Pinterest.

    Pin Funnels explains step by step how to use Pinterest as A Sales funnel to grow your business.

    Discover the formula to unleash enormous amount of qualified visitors to your website, triple your leads and subscribers, and skyrocket your SALES!

    On Autopilot. 

    Without spending a ton of time or a ton of money.

    Pin Funnels - Pinterest Marketing Strategies

    Monica from Redefining Mom has the BEST course that teaches how to run profitable Promoted Pin campaigns on a budget.  Moreover, how to get targeted traffic to your website for pennies per click! 

    She takes you on a step by step walk though to help you create a proftable Pinterest marketing campaign.

    Additionally, I love that she teaches you how you can advertise your website even with a small budget.

    The ONLY Pinterest Ads Course You’ll Ever Need

    Leverage promoted pins to attract qualified leads, automate your sales funnels, and make more profit!

    Pin Practical Promotions is your next-level course on how to strategize, implement, analyze, and refine profitable promoted pin campaigns at a low-cost to you.

    Lena is amazing when it comes to analytics and organizing! #Ibowdown Not to mention, She created this awesome spreadsheet to help you keep track of your Pinterest pins. As well as where they have been pinned. Without a doubt, this spreadsheet will help keep you more organized.

    She is the queen when it comes to SEO and proper keyword research. You can check out some of the freebies she has available to help you grow your blog! 

    Unlike other Pinterest  courses, Carly’s course is very unique in the fact that she focuses on a manual pinning strategy that does not use Tailwind or any other Pinterest scheduling tools. 

    She shows you why why manual pinning should be a part of  your Pinterest Marketing strategy, especially if you are a beginner blogger! I believe she has perfected the manual pinning strategy!

    Additionally,  Carly also teaches one of the best ways to combine affiliate marketing in to your online business.  And as a result, increase your income online!

    Chelsea is a powerhouse when it comes to savvy business marketing. Learn the very strategies she has used to grow a 6 Figure business.  Her PaperRoute is the one of my go to marketing resources , when you are learning from Chelsea, you are learning from one of the best in the field! Chelsea always over delivers!

    Most importantly, as a result of Chelsea’s expertise, you will be driving targeted traffic to your website. In other words , hungry buyers will be seeing your products and services.( the very ones they have been searching for!)


    Kerrie teaches you how she grew to over 14 Million, yes I said 14 MILLION monthly viewers on Pinterest in only a few short months and grew a profitable business on Etsy.

    If you are looking for beautiful Pinterest templates, she is your girl! Her beautiful templates will help you easily create viral pins!

    Join over 1300 other students who have gone through the Pinning For Profit Course . Learn how to drive massive, organic traffic to your website, products and services with proven Pinterest Marketing Strategies.

    Certainly, these strategies will work even if you do not have a product or website of your own,.Earn passive affiliate commissions with Pinterest.


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