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100 Plus Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

100 Plus Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

In spite of the cold, I do love to decorate for the Holidays! And if you are anything like me , then you look forward to adding new rustic farmhouse decor pieces to your ever growing collection of vintage Christmas decor! And as a result, I have gathered 100 Plus Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas that are sure to add a few new gotta haves to your own Farmhouse Christmas Decor wish list!

Front Porch Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

I love to look at how other people decorate their front porches during the holidays. 

I could get lost for hours on Pinterest just looking at farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas. From diy farmhouse christmas tree decorations , to farmhouse christmas decorations for mantels.

Not to mention:

  • Custom printed farmhouse christmas decor ideas
  • DIY Farmhouse Christmas Signs
  • Farmhouse Christmas Decor On A budget
  • Farmhouse Printables
  • Front Porch Farmhouse Christmas  decorations  , and don’t even get me started with the holiday recipes.
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I love to incorporate as much burlap, mercury glass and rusty vintage decor items in to my Holiday decor as I can.   For instance, beautiful worn christmas enamel dishes, Galvanized Christmas tree tubs, chippy , rustic and nostalgic… just how I like it!  Combine that with some fresh green elements and you can just smell Christmas joy in the air!

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Printables

Without a doubt, Farmhouse Christmas Printables are one of the easiest DIY Christmas decor projects to do. You can easily create beautiful christmas decor within minutes with printables.

Additionally, these make great DIY Christmas gift ideas, print off as many as you need and pop in a frame and voila! Instant Christmas gift idea on a budget! 

I have always loved to make my gifts when I have had the time … and as a result, I typically have a wide assortment of craft supplies on hand but a quick visit to Michaels or Amazon and I can get what I need! 

You can get some really awesome things at the Dollar Store too that you can diy to make look like it came straight off the shelves at your favorite home decor store!

Personalized Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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There are tons of options available for personalized farmhouse decor. These make really great Christmas gift ideas that will be enjoyed for years to come! You can choose from personalized Christmas pillows, to personalized Christmas signs and dishes.  Of course, one of the best places to find personalized gift ideas is Etsy

Alternatively, some other great finds can often be found on Amazon. ( Don’t forget to use Rakuten Cash Back when shopping online) 

Beautiful Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Sitting by a beautifully decorated fireplace mantel at any time of year is amazing, however, Christmas is an especially magickal time to do so! 

Curl up with your favorite book and a cup of hot cocoa while you admire the fresh boxwood arrangements, rustic ornaments and primitive Christmas sign that hangs above the fireplace. 

Perfectly rustic stockings over flowing with Christmas goodies and the smell of fresh cedar and smoke …. sigh… Christmas is certainly a time of peace and joy.



3 Benefits Benefits Of The Keto Diet

3 Benefits Benefits Of The Keto Diet

3 Benefits Of The Keto Diet

If you have been thinking about starting the Keto Diet  , this post will help you! 3 Benefits of the Keto Diet plus Meal Plans & Keto Food List.

This post was kind of a hard one to post because I am still working through the feelings of shame I had when I looked like this. #realtalk

However, I felt that this would help more people if I shared how I was able not only to shift my mindset , but improve my overall health and wellness.

As you can tell from the photos , I drank, I smoked and was severely overweight! I had been sick for several years,and was dealing with chronic pain and inflammation. And as a result ,  added low self esteem issues and just low over all self worth.

Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Sometime in  October of 2018 , I began a journey of healing mind, body and spirit ( Which just happens to be the name of my new line of products!)

In my quest to start living a better quality of life, I came to the realization that I was sensitive to gluten and my oldest son had mentioned something called the Keto diet to me. As a result, as a family, we decided to give Keto a try…

I have to be completely honest and tell you that this is one of the easiet so called diets I have ever been on! For instance, I have never felt deprived , my entire family lost weight and experienced several other health benefits from eating keto.

KissmyKeto Snacks Banner 1500x500

What Are The Benefits Of The Keto Diet?

Eating Keto eventually just becomes a way of life but on ocassion, when we have fell off the wagon so to speak, we all felt the difference immediately.

So what are some of the benefits we experienced?

Benefit #1 – Eating Keto alleviated stomach and digestive issues

Some people have mentioned that the first while they noticed some digestive upset but it is typically short lived. None of us experienced the dreaded Keto Flu. However, we all used to suffer from bloating and digestive upset and eating Keto ended that battle.

Benefit #2 – Have More Energy With The Keto Diet

Cutting out processed foods, complex carbs and sugars really will provide an energy boost. The food that you eat on the keto diet keeps you satisifed throughout the day. In addition, we also noticed lowered blood pressure.

Benefit #3 – Easy Weight Loss With Keto

As you can clearly see from the before and after photos, I lost a considerable amount of weight. ( As did all of the members of my family) 

What Foods Should You Eat On The Keto Diet?

We definitely had some things that were on our Keto shopping list every week , plus some extra goodies we would order monthly. Feeding a family of 4 grown people Keto required some pre-planning and buying bulk ingredients. #ketoonabudget

When purchasing these items online , always check to see if they are  available on my most loved cashback app .


Staple Items For Keto Shopping List:

Dr Colbert Fall Sale Banner 970x250 (3)

Keto recipes on the whole, I have found pretty easy to make and the majority have been very tasty! Pinterest has an amazing selection of Easy Keto dessert recipes and easy peasy Instapot Keto Meals.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Keto meal plans from Etsy  and South Beach has an amazing Keto Plan.

Keto Meal Plans To End Overwhelm!

Benefits Of The Keto Diet




Do you have a favorite Keto recipe or snack? I would love for you to share in the comments below.

15 Of The Most Popular Pioneer Woman Recipes – Plus How To Get Cash Back On Pioneer Woman Products!

15 Of The Most Popular Pioneer Woman Recipes – Plus How To Get Cash Back On Pioneer Woman Products!

If you are a fan of farmhouse decor , tasty home cooked meals, nature and sitting by the fire, then I am sure you are also a fan of the wildly popular Pioneer Woman ( otherwise known as Ree Drummond). Keep reading for 15 of the most Popular Pioneer Woman Recipes PLUS how to earn cash back on your Purchases of Pioneer Woman products!


Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Popular Pioneer Woman Recipes

Which one these recipes are your favorite? I bet you can’t pick just one!

How To Earn Cash Back On Pioneer Woman Products

If you are anything like me then you adore the beautiful , happy color palette, floral patterns and just down right comforting design of her products.

Did you now that you could earn cash back on your Pioneer Woman purchases? No? Well let me tell you how you can!

When shopping online I ALWAYS use Ebates! It has actually switched To Rakuten … they should have kept using the Ebates name however , just rolls off the tongue easier) ( Canadians Sign up Here) Rakuten supports hundreds of online retailers. I love to use it when shopping at my favorite online stores , Walmart , Amazon, Wayfair and hundreds of other popular stores.

Just wait until you see how quickly it adds up when you do all of your Christmas shopping online! Add to that Black Friday deals and your normal every day purchases ( even better if it is 2X Cashback day! ) Not to mention the fact that there is also the plus of avoiding busy malls during the Holidays… Blech! Can you tell I am a huge fan of online shopping? #timesaver

Keep Reading for information on the Pioneer Woman Giveaway!

Pioneer Woman Giveaways! Want To Know How To Enter?

The new cookbook, The New Frontier just released and in honor of that a giveaway was just held for The book & a Stand Mixer ( Sorry you just missed it! ) However, giveaways are held quite often on the site . Go sign up for her mailing list so you are notified when Giveaways are happening!


How To Throw The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I LOVE Christmas because that means more opportunity to go to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! 

And really … the uglier , the better!

Each year I am amazed at the creativity people have with their DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters. However, don’t have time to DIY Your garrish sweater? No worries, there are many hilarious , ugly sweater options available to purchase. I love the Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples ideas that I have seen, Tacky times two!

 Got a fur baby? Did you know that you can even get ugly christmas sweaters for your pets? 

Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
How To Throw The Ultimate Ugly Sweater Christmas Party - The tackiest Party this side of the Griswald's! Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Couples . Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Decor , DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters , Tacky Christmas Sweaters

If you are anything like me, then you look forward to Christmas every year just so you can shop for the ugliest or funniest garment you can find! And a result , spread some holiday cheer! ( Laugh your jingle bells off! )

The Best Of The Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Throw the perfect DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater gathering With these tacky christmas sweater decor ideas, food ideas and other ideas to  throw the tackiest party this side of the Griswalds!
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Bingo  – 
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Supplies
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater  Invitations
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Banner
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Trophy
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Prize Ribbons
You can go as Ugly as you want with so many creative ideas available , Ugly Christmas sweater decor to Ugly Christmas Sweater Pizza! You can find just about everything you need for your party on Amazon! ( Plus don’t forget to use Rakuten ( formerly Ebates)for cash back! )

36 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Shop Now

Have you created an ugly christmas sweater masterpiece? I would love to see your creation! Leave a link to your post below.

The Best Baskets & Crates To Organize And Decorate Your Home

The Best Baskets & Crates To Organize And Decorate Your Home

If you are anything like me then you love things to be be neat and tidy. Here are over 60 Storage Solutions to help you get organized and accent your home decor!

Baskets & Crates offer some very versatile solutions to organizing small spaces. 

Keep all of your belongings organized and looking stylish with these  options.

Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Baskets Are Great For Organizing Small Spaces

Baskets and crates are great for organizing small spaces. Don’t have much storage in your tiny bathroom? Fill a pretty wicker basket or rustic crate with your towels and facecloths and you have an instant storage solution.

Baskets are also great for taming clutter! All of those small items that just wind up everywhere .. organize them with baskets! In my bathroom, I have several little baskets to hold small items like bobby pins and hair elastics , a separate one for facecloths, one for hair tools, one for brushes and combs etc.  It really does help to keep things more organized and easy to find!

Storage Ideas For The Nursery

You can find some pretty awesome storage solutions for the babys room , like this wicker kangaroo basket. It is great for storing stuffed animals, extra blankets, diapers or even the little ones laundry!

This would also make a great baby shower gift idea! Fill with essentials for baby and give it to expecting parents. It is a gift they are sure to be thrilled by.

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Rustic Farmhouse Wire Baskets Are Great For Kitchen Storage

Rustic Wire baskets are great for kitchen storage because you can use them for just about anything!

Store your fresh products , your wooden cutting boards , fresh herbs and more.

Use Baskets To Organize Your Pets Toys

If your house is anything like mine , then you have a TON of pet toys lying around! This cute bone wicker basket is the perfect solution to store all of my fur babies favorite things.

( Bonus points just because it’s cute and it will help keep the clutter off of my floors! )

Check out the collection below for over 60 Basket & Crate Storage and Organization Solution that will accent your home decor!

How A Spiritual Awakening Helped End Chronic Illness

How A Spiritual Awakening Helped End Chronic Illness

When you go through the spiritual awakening process, you will discover what the real causes of chronic disease are.

While many would argue that it is simply genetics or poor self care habits, there are many people, like myself, who believe that all illness is caused by trapped emotions in the body.

Unresolved Trauma & Trapped Emotion Lead To Disease ( Dis-ease)

I was chronically ill for over a decade and spent a great deal of time, angry , defeated and feeling like not enough. It was only when I started to do the shadow work and turn to more natural methods to heal that I started to improve not only my mindset but my health as well.

The Secret Language Of Your Body written by Inna Segal made a huge impact on my health & wellness. The book goes in to detail on which emotions are causing specific illness in the body and how you can heal your body naturally by clearing out all of that emotional garbage that is blocking you from living the life that you are meant to live. I use this book like a workbook and recommend it to everyone.

Energy Healing Modalities To Clear & Balance Your Chakras

Coping with chronic illness and disability affects not only the person who is chronically ill, but all of those who are close. There is such a heavy, negative low vibrational energy associated with chronic illness. The good news is that if you are willing to do a little work and devote some time to self care, you can reverse the dis-eases that are in your body.

There are different types of healing modalities, such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Shamanism and more. Each modality may have things that it focuses on more intently than another healing modality, such as Sacred Geometry Alchemy & Chakras, Christ Consciousness, the Akashic records, energy attunements , Meditation, Sound Healing and a plethora of other tools to help you with the spiritual awakening stages.

As you go through your spiritual journey, you may experience spiritual awakening symptoms, but rest assured that it is only temporary. There are many energy workers and healers that can help you through this process , 2 of my favorites are Marissa Peer & Christie Marie Sheldon.

Meditation Mala
Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

As someone who suffered from Fibromyalgia, debilitating pain and anxiety for well over a decade , I can tell you that immersing yourself in your spiritual education is a life changing experience. Once you start focusing more on gratitude and letting go of old emotions that no longer serve you, your mind ,body and soul begin to heal instantaneously and you begin to access your higher consciousness.

You become more at peace , empathetic and intuitive. You may also find yourself craving time doing things outdoors where you had not before. 

Spending Time In Nature Is One Of The Best Grounding Activities

Gardening is one of my favorite ways to ground , along with rock hounding. I have an insane love of Crystals & Minerals and their healing properties. I have given up mainstream chemical laden products and focus more on plant medicine and natural health remedies.

Essential oils have become a very large part of my medicine cabinet, along with dried herbs such as lavender, chamomile, and cannabis.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I love to hear how others are using natural remedies and energy healing.

How A Spiritual Awakening Helped End Chronic Illness - All of my Fibromylagia symptoms & anxiety have disappeared. Find out what you can do to end chronic illness. #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #naturalhealth
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