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How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies To Manifest Abundance

How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies To Manifest Abundance

If you are feeling like you have a dark shadow that has been cast over your entire life, feeling drained , lost or just in a low vibe, negative energy and don’t know why, this post is for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to raise your vibrational frequency so that you can live in alignment with your highest self.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only link out to products that I use and love and believe to be helpful. 

When you release negative feelings or emotions by feeling gratitude for the good that exists in your life, then you are raising your vibrational frequency levels to manifest more of this good stuff.

And before you try and brush this off… let me tell you a very quick story. A few years ago I was confined to a lazy boy for 8.5 months of my life due to chronic illness, debilitating pain and anxiety. I felt like I was dying, broken and drowning in debt. This is when I first learned of The Law Of Attraction and started doing a lot of research around herbalism, energy healing and shifting your mindset . 

Fast forward to today .. I got to partner with Jack Canfield , provided Pinterest Training in one Of His Groups, have been featured in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global & The Mighty.  my Pinterest Course was featured in The Genius Bloggers Toolkit , have spent time on calls with several members from The Secret , paid off all my debt and moved into a half a million dollar home. 

I created Jennifer Dawn – my highest self version.

This is not to brag (although I am beyond proud of myself for going from where I was to where I am now) but to show you what is possible,

To introduce to a world where you take 100% responsibility for your life and start healing from the trauma and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from truly experiencing life as you want to create it.

The first step to raising your vibrational frequency is to start clearing those energetic blocks. 


Why am I feeling this way?

For me, this question often presents itself after getting into an argument with someone I love or feeling frustrated because something did not quite work out the way I had planned. . Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are feeling, next to think about whether this feeling is helping you. If it isn’t helpful, think about what emotions would be more helpful in that moment – do some deep breathing to release the negative energy, take a walk outside. Write those down if you need to, but the goal would be to try and move your energy from ..emotions like sadness, anger, worry etc .. to emotions that are more energizing and helpful, like happiness, peace or compassion.

What is the root of this emotion?

Once you identify the root of this habit, you have a better chance at letting go of it. It is important to understand what angered you so that you can prevent it from coming up. Maybe someone cut you off in traffic or at the grocery store, maybe someone said something rude, or maybe there were unresolved anger issues with family members. The underlying cause has to be dealt with before negative emotions will dissipate. It is very important to recognize emotions almost as soon as they arise. Many people repress emotions for years without knowing why. Then, when someone cuts them off ,or it happened in childhood, they blow up and also don’t understand why. Once you become aware of your emotions being out of whack, take some action to defuse the situation. Prayer or meditation is wonderful and can really help you become more centered. However, many of these negative emotions are bigger than prayer. I mean they’re Think about if there is a specific person, event, or thought that caused the emotion. The root of the emotion may be an idealized version of an event, if your brain skipped over some steps in the story and created a happy ending where one doesn’t really exist. Revisit events from a different perspective and sometimes you might see that it never happened the way you remember it – and therefore feel better. The key to releasing Negative emotions is to find the root of the problem. It’s important to get to the point of what it is that is causing you negative feelings. Was there a recent event? Do you feel that this feeling has passed its expiration date since the event occurred? Almost always, when people are able to create awareness around what is causing their negative feelings, they are able to heal them by either transforming them or letting go of them altogether.

What am I choosing to think and feel?

Life is an endless cycle of emotions, thoughts and choices. If something bothers you, ask why is it bothering you? Sometimes the truth is very surprising – maybe you’re holding on to some anger or resentment that’s caused by choices made in your past. Once you know what the problem is that is causing your negative feelings, take time to think about how you would like to feel. Ask yourself what thoughts and feelings come to mind, what would make you happy instead of sad or frustrated? Flip thought patterns. Instead of telling yourself that ‘I never get any breaks’ try to flip the thought pattern around and think about the things in your life that you are grateful for. Starting a gratitude journal is a great way to start shifting your mindset.

Take time each day for self care , to let go of any negative energy and do the things that help you ground, be present and create.  One of my favorite things to do is walking in nature, and when the weather is not ideal, I spend more time in meditation. We actually recently purchase the Occulus Quest and I use it for VR Meditation. 


Start implementing these small habit changes to start experience massive shifts in your life.

I would love to hear how any of these have benefited your spiritual growth or healing.

How To Use Scripting To Manifest – Journaling Routine

How To Use Scripting To Manifest – Journaling Routine

Scripting is a form of manifestation, and I have found it to be one of the most effective. In this blog post, I will share my personal journaling routine that has helped me manifest many things in my life.
Let’s get started!

DISCLAIMER: This article was created in partnership with Banner Buzz and contains affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Journaling Ideas For Beginners

This post is about how to use scripting and journaling as a way to manifest your desires. Scripting is similar to affirmations, but it’s actually much more powerful than just saying something aloud. When you script, you’re writing down what you want in the present tense as if it has already happened or will happen soon. You can also write out positive statements about your body such as “I’m healthy” or “I’m happy.” Writing things down on paper makes them feel real and because our thoughts are energy, they become real! This technique of scripting helps us visualize our life exactly how we want it to be and ensures that we stay focused on achieving those goals.

How Do You Start A Manifesting Journal?

1. Write a list of what you want
2. Get creative and think about how it could happen
3. Read your list aloud twice a day for at least two weeks
4. Keep a journal to track your progress
5. Use scripting to manifest – see scripting manifestation examples below
6. Practice gratitude daily 
7. Do something nice for someone else each day, even if it’s just paying them compliments or picking up their trash on the ground in front of them
8. Be happy when others are happy because they’re living life fully and that gives them joy which is contagious! When they’re sad, be there for them without judgment but also don’t let yourself get dragged down by their sadness; instead practice empathy and understanding while trying not to take on too much responsibility for people who aren’t taking care of themselves so well.

Planner Organization Ideas

1. Use a binder to keep track of your planner
2. Get creative with stickers or washi tape
3. Keep an extra set of pens in your purse, backpack, etc for emergency purposes
4. Store planners vertically to save space on your desk/table
5. Create a “to-do” list that is specific to the day and includes important tasks you need to complete today before tomorrow comes around


Law Of Attraction Journal - Gratitude Journaling

It is said that Gratitude is the frequency of Abundance. The more authentic gratitude you have for the things you already have in your life, the more easily you can attract more of the same.  

I aim to journal twice per day. As soon as I wake up and right before I go to bed.  Listening to binaural beats or sound frequencies has been touted to amplify your efforts.  I also take time before I journal to use essential oils and balance my chakras. 


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Scripting Manifestation Examples

When scripting to manifest, you want to write in the present tense , as if you already have what it is that you are trying to manifest. Try to make it as specific as possible and imagine what it would feel like if you already had this in your life. 

For Example: 

  • I am so grateful now that I am living in my dream home in the country . I love waking up every morning and listening to the sounds of nature. Birds chirping, leaves rustling and the sound of the water running over the rocks in the creek.
  • I am so grateful now that I am earning $10k per month ( or better) and have attracted my dream clients. Clients that value my time, expertise and creative talents. My clients are happy with the work that I do and regularly refer other clients to me. I love what I do for a living. Everything flows to me with ease and grace. 
How To Heal Naturally – Self Care Tips For Accessing Your Higher Self

How To Heal Naturally – Self Care Tips For Accessing Your Higher Self

Do you find yourself going through the motions of life, not really feeling like your whole self? Do you feel disconnected from your higher self and just want to do something more with your life? This blog post will give some helpful tips on how to reconnect with your higher self and start living a healthier lifestyle.
Happy reading!

There are many things that can cause someone to feel unwell and become chronically ill, depressed, riddled with anxiety.,, but what many do not realize is that many of these things are tied to your emotions and thought processes. I suffered from these very things for well over a decade and I am about to share with you some self-care tips to start healing naturally and access your higher self. 

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click a link and you make a purchase from an affiliate company, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What is Self Care?

Self-care is making sure you take time to take care of your physical body, your spiritual body, and your mental health.

Self care can be :

  • Taking time to rest when needed
  • Eating healthy, organic food
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Grounding in Nature
  • Reading a personal development book
  • Meditating
  • Being Creative
  • Saying No
  • Pampering yourself
  • Simply taking some time for yourself


7 Things Your Higher Self Is Trying To Tell You

  1. You are not the victim
  2. It’s time to let go of your past and start living in the moment
  3. . You have nothing to prove, you’re enough already
  4.  Your intuition is spot on – listen to it more often
  5.  Stop trying so hard and just be yourself (be easy)
  6. You are not alone
  7.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there

Self Care Package Gift Ideas

Self Care is so important and something so many people do not make time for and then wonder why they are burnt out, ill, or suffering mentally. 

Here are some great self-care gift ideas for yourself or others …

How To Connect To Your Higher Self

  •  Start by finding a place that is comfortable and quiet
  •  Close your eyes and take deep breaths to clear your mind
  •  Imagine yourself in the most beautiful, peaceful place you can imagine – this could be on the beach or in a forest
  •  Ask for guidance from your higher self about what you need to do next in life
  •  When it feels like it’s time, open your eyes and return back to reality with new insight into what was bothering you before

Higher Self Manifestation

Are you ready to connect with your higher self?

Do you want to learn how to clear your mind and open up intuitive channels so that you can receive guidance from the universe? Do you want a way to heal yourself, find inner peace, and feel more connected in every area of life?

Manifesting Journal & Scripting Your Desires

One of  the best daily habits you can adopt is writing in a manifesting journal each and every day. Some people like to journal first thing in the morning to set the tone for their day. I prefer to journal at night, right before I go to sleep. This way my subconscious is replaying it in my sleep.

When scripting to manifest, write in the present tense … as if you already have this in your life.

Vision Board Ideas

Vision Boards are another great way to add energy to your manifesting rituals. ( rituals = habits)

There are several ways that you can create a Vision Board :

Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

1. You have a feeling of being pulled to do things you don’t understand
2. You are more aware of your surroundings and the people in it
3. Your thoughts can be so intense that they feel like physical sensations
4. You notice synchronicities happening all around you, such as seeing certain numbers or hearing songs on the radio that seem to be speaking just to you
5. You’re less focused on material items and more interested in spiritual pursuits
6. You find yourself connecting with nature in ways that make you feel at peace with the world


DIY 7 Chakra Essential Oil Roller Ball with Professional Product Labels

DIY 7 Chakra Essential Oil Roller Ball with Professional Product Labels

For as long as I can remember I have loved to create my own products, I am kind of known as the Queen of DIY. Learn how to make your own DIY 7 Chakra Essential Oil Roller Balls , complete with professional labels.

Essential oils are a big part of my life , as are taking time for my self care and spiritual growth.  Each essential oil and crystal are linked to specific chakras and each provide their own unique set of benefits. Keep reading to find out what you will need and how you can create your own beautiful set of essential oil rollers bottles for chakra balancing to give as gifts or to sell as part of your product line.


DISCLAIMER: A big thank you to Banner Buzz for sponsoring this post. This post does contain affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase.

What will you need? 

  • Roller Bottles
  • Carrier Oils (EX: Almond, Coconut, Grapeseed)
  • Essential Oils
  • Crystals
  • Labels
  • Intention and Good Vibes!

Essential Oil Blends To Balance Chakras

You will create a separate roller for each chakra:


It is important that you start from the Root Chakra, otherwise known as the Muladhara. It is responsible for your safety and basic needs, and is where the fight or flight response comes from.

The next oil will be sacral chakra essential oil blend. This chakra (Svadhisthana) chakra is responsible for your sexual & creative energy. It’s also linked to how you relate to your emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Next we move on to the essential oil for the solar plexus chakra ( Manipura) This chakra is where your personal power lies. It governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity and is also known as the Abundance Chakra.

The 4th chakra center is the Heart Chakra , Anahata, and is the center of love for yourself and others.

7 Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends

The 5th Chakra is the throat chakra (also known as Vishuddha)and is responsible for communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak your personal truth.

Chakra 6 is the the 3rd Eye Chakra ( refers to the ajna (or brow) chakra.) and is   linked to perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. 

The 7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra essential oil blend . This chakra also known as  sahasrāra chakra. This chakra acts as the individual’s center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher self and to the divine. 

Print Your Own Labels

If you are wondering how you can print and design your own labels, I will be covering that in an upcoming blog post. However, if you are creating products to sell, I highly recommend getting professionally printed labels. 

How To Create Your Own Product Labels

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I actually prefer to have my labels professionally printed , unless I am in a real time crunch! However,  these labels typically only take a few days to ship out. The end result was a beautiful , high end product.

You can add relevant herbs  to these as well , just be mindful that it is not finely ground herbs because it will gunk up the roller ball. I will usually add a sprig of rosemary, lavender or a rose bud, for example.

I cannot wait to hear or see what you create! Comment on one of the pins for this post and let me know that you tried it!

How To Manifest Money Fast & Call In Abundance

How To Manifest Money Fast & Call In Abundance

The Law of Attraction is a powerful mindset and energy frequency.  It can begin to change your life in an instant. Learn how to manifest money fast and call in Abundance.

October 2020 will be a time that I will not forget! I signed up to be a part of Jack Canfield’s Young Living Team and my life was forever changed!

The essential oils themselves have made a massive change in my life, allowing me to cut back on so many toxic chemicals and being a part of Jack Canfield’s Young Living Team, certainly came with some extra Bonuses! 

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

We all got to participate in The Abundance Experience which included Hanging out with half of the cast of The Secret! Mary Morrissey, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor and many others personally shared with us tips on their own manifestation techniques to call in Prosperity and Abundance.

I started implementing some of these tips and some pretty amazing opportunities and more money started to just show up. I also stopped having panic attacks. I also started spending more and more time around other people who were either doing what I wanted to do /have. One of those people was Cassie Howard… I came across her one day , I honestly don’t even remember how, BUT it was the first time ever I felt like giving a complete stranger my money!  And for good reason! Being in her container, was magickal! In less than 2 weeks a group of women were able to create over 1 Million Dollars! I then joined 2 more of her offerings and have been making more money ever since. You can still join in on The Money Vortex!

I am going to share with you some of my absolute favorite ways of calling in abundance, setting intentions and practicing self care all rolled in to a nice little package!

Manifestation Techniques - Scripting Manifestation Journal.

This is by far one of my favorite manifesting techniques. A scripting manifestation journal allows you to express gratitude for all that Source has provided you with. Past, Present & Future.

I have created an entire daily ritual ( if you are somehow uncomfortable with that word, simply replace it with routine) but I resonate with ritual and Source, while you may resonate with routine and God. It is all intention and energy and the end result is the same. #nojudgement

Abundance Affirmations

Start retraining your subconscious with these Abundance Affirmations.

  • Money flows to me with ease and grace
  • I am open to receive money
  • I am eternally grateful for the abundance in my life
  • I am a money magnet
  • I deserve money
  • I have more money than I will ever need
  • I am generous with money
  • My bank account continues to grow
  • I can afford the things I want to buy

Using Vision Boards To Manifest

I am an extremely creative and visual person, so creating Vision Boards are also one of my favorite things to do. I love to look for images that really exemplify what I am trying to manifest.

It really helps to connect with the feeling of you having all the things.

I created this one during The Abundance Experience.

Crystal Grid For Abundance

Combining the power of Sacred Geometry and the energy of specific crystals, you can create a grid to manifest more abundance, wealth and prosperity in to your life.

Laying out your manifesting stones and crystals in specific patterns will amplify your crystals and your intentions. 3 of my favorite places to get quality crystals are Etsy, Spinning Web Designs & Anna Mae Minerals.

Write Yourself Abundance Cheques

I use Abundance Cheques a few different ways but the number one use is to write yourself a cheque from the universe in the amount that you are trying to manifest. I have create a page with 3 Abundance cheques to a sheet that you can print out as often as you would like. 

Visualize Your Higher Self And Start Showing Up As Her

If you could do anything without worrying about fear, judgment or any type of worry … who would you be? What would you do? Who would you serve? Visualize your highest self … what does she wear, what does she eat? Where does she spend her time? Who Does she spend her time with? Sit with it in mediation, visualize it while taking an abundance bathing ritual, write it in your manifesting journal. 

Abundance Spell Jar & Money Spells


  • a green candle

  •  cinnamon stick

  •  chamomile

  •  bay leaf

  •  cloves

  •  orange essential oil

  •  citrine crystal

Grass Wood Witch does a great job of explaining how to perform a money spell.

Combining several of these manifesting techniques will further amplify your manifesting strength. The more time and attention you give something, the more it is apt to thrive and flourish, Thoughts Become Things…

I would love to hear about your experience after trying one of these manifestation techniques,

How To Have An Abundance Mindset And Live A Life Of Abundance

How To Have An Abundance Mindset And Live A Life Of Abundance

If you have been feeling like less than enough , suffer from illness ( mental or physical) and feel like the world has beaten you down, believe me, I get it! If you would like to learn how to shift that reality and learn how to have an abundance mindset and live a life of gratitude , keep reading. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Marisa Peer and contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own based on my own personal experience.

Overcoming Limited Beliefs

  • Feeling constant overwhelm
  • Feelings of panic and fear
  • Feeling unsupported
  • Feeling judged
  • Feeling like nothing ever goes your way
  • Feeling like the world is out to get you
  • Feeling like things will never get better
  • Feeling continual pressure in your chest
  • Feeling widespread pain
  • Feeling like you will never be enough or have enough

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was just like you! But let me assure you, that is exactly what they are feelings … trapped emotions … lies your subconscious mind is telling you and you can eliminate it from your reality.

I was chronically ill for over a decade , spent 8.5 months in a recliner or propped up in bed suffering from severe withdrawal from all of the medications I had been on, debilitating pain and wave after wave of anxiety attacks . I am talking manic panic , feeling like you are about to die at any given moment type of fear.

Healing Trauma

My limited beliefs and unresolved trauma were sucking the very life from me!

And while my healing technically did not happen over night …  it most definitely catapulted me in the direction of taking consistent action to shift my reality. 

People and situations kept just showing up …and I discovered that it was all based on the questions I was asking myself and the universe.

I was subconsciously attracting it all to me. Fortunately , I had discovered the path to start healing and attracting abundance in to my life.

Scarcity VS Abundance Mindset

A scarcity mindset is when you are in a constant state of lack.

You may find:

  • you have money problems
  • you have relationship problem
  • you have health problems
  • you are constantly worrying
  • you spend a lot of time blaming and complaining

With an abundance mindset you can:

  • see a better version of yourself and your life and work towards achieving your goals
  • you focus on practicing gratitude rather than lack
  • the law of attraction starts to go to work for you 
  • you begin to manifest money , opportunities and improved health rapidly
  • you switch from negative emotions to positive ones

How Do I Improve My Life?

There are a number of different things that you can start doing to shift from limited beliefs to living the life you always wanted.


One of my go to tools is the All Access Pass Marisa Peer has available.  For those who may not know who Marissa is, she is one of the World’s Top Hypnotherapists , she has worked with many high profile clients and has brought her self hypnosis and guided meditations to the public at a very affordable price! You can grab the All Access Pass right now for only $19 per Month or $149 for the Year! ( Save an additional 20% off!)

Visit the site for the full list of self hypnosis videos available ( I was actually surprised with the wide array of choices). There are self hypnosis videos for anxiety, depression, quitting smoking, weight loss and so many other issues. 

*** One of the things that I really like is that the meditations are set to loop, so this means I can put one on when I go to bed and have it repeat while I am sleeping, therefore, retraining my subconscious with new beliefs.

Living Your Best Life

If you knew that your life would start changing dramatically with one small shift … what would you do?

How would you like to be living your best life?

I went from the state I was in,  to running and building several websites, being featured in articles , summits, podcasts and other interviews and working with some of the world’s top thought leaders, motivational speakers and health and wellness experts helping them grow their brands .

My recommendation is to pick no more than 2 issues to start with and listen to one during the night and then do one in the morning for a minimum of 21 days. I would love to hear about the results you experienced!

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