Placing your servers in a data cabinet or rack is important for a whole host of different reasons. Firstly, it ensures that your hardware remains protected. You don’t want any outside elements to compromise the state of your servers. They also keep your data centre or network room organised effectively and save space. But the main benefit is the fact that you ensure a controlled environment. This is all about making sure your servers operate efficiently and consequently that your business is reaping the rewards of maximum productivity. 

However, it’s not only about the server rack, there are plenty of accessories on the market which help to enhance work efficiency as well. A prime example would be the wealth of cooling and ventilation equipment that is available. Companies like can advise on this. You need to make sure the server rack has the optimum environment and temperature for the servers to operate to full level. If you don’t do this then you will find that your hardware overheats. This can affect the state of your servers. They may run a lot slower than usually or become unreliable. This is because overheating evidently leads to damage and thus you are compromising the effectiveness of your hardware. When it comes to cooling accessories most people tend to purchase trays with built-in fans.

In addition to this, you may also want to consider the purchase of a KVM console switch. KVM simply stands for keyboard, video, mouse. If you buy a KVM switch you will have the ability to control a wealth of rack-mounted servers from one single interface. This undoubtedly enhances efficiency because you have one easy-to-use interface that gives you access to all of the servers in your data centre or network room.

Another method of enhancing efficiency at your business is to purchase a power distribution unit for your server racks. These units will provide you with a reliable method of power distribution. This relates to everything from low amperage single phase circuits to high power multiple phase solutions. By distributing power effectively you can ensure that everything runs to optimum level. 

Last but not least, the final accessory you should consider is a backup system. You will find a wealth of UPS backup systems. Protecting your data is essential. No corners can afford to be cut when it comes to the backup of your networks. 

Server efficiency all begins with making sure you have the right data cabinet. However, you can then enhance this further by purchasing key accessories. With a KVM console switch, a UPS backup system, fan trays and a power distribution unit your data centre is running smoothly.