Entrepreneurs: Your Time Is Your Most Valuable Commodity!

You could be forgiven for thinking that the products you sell or the services that you provide are the most valuable thing you have to offer. Or you may think that it’s your incredible employees who continue to surprise you day after day with their commitment to your mission statement and the values upon which your brand was based. You might even think that it’s the loyal customers who keep you in business. But your most valuable commodity is in fact your time. You’re more than just a business person, you’re a fully functioning, self facilitating business guru. Your knowledge, your experience, your insight and your time are all inherently valuable. Yet, your refusal to realize this and give out your time as freely and willingly as if you were handing out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. Your generosity is commendable, but it may be impinging upon your business’ productivity and profits…

How much time do you actually spend in your office?

A good entrepreneur knows that while spending some time at the proverbial coalface with your employees is good for morale and helps you appreciate the perspective on your business, it’s also incumbent upon them to look at your business from a more macro perspective. If you’re not spending your days in your office it’s unlikely that you’re spending your time parsing your performance metrics and KPIs and identifying opportunities to make your processes more efficient. Of course, this begs the question…

How much do you really trust your employees to get the job done?

You may trust in your employees… or at least, you may think you do. After all, you went to great lengths to hire only the best and brightest whose values and vision align with yours. Yet, despite this you continue to hover over them. While you’re understandably precious when it comes to the way things are done in your enterprise, becoming a relentless micromanager is not only a poor use of your time, it can actually stifle your employees’ professional growth.

Is outsourcing a dirty word in your workplace?

I get it, I really do. You have a very specific way in which you want business to be done that’s congruent with the values of your brand. As such you spend a lot of time doing things yourself. However, entrusting an outsourced third party for your Computer Support Services, Marketing, HR Function, lead generation and so on will actually enhance your business’ efficacy rather than dilute it. It will leave you with more time to spend where it’s most needed and allow you to provide a better quality of service to your customers. In most cases, it will also save you money.

Not everything needs a meeting

Do you constantly feel as though you’re in and out of meetings and as a result always feel as though you’re caught on the back foot when you come out of them? There are times when the personal touch is necessary, but there are also a great many instances where an email or phone call will do just as well.

Treat your time like the precious commodity it is and your business can only benefit.

I would love to hear how you best manage your time and what kind of tasks you outsource , leave me a comment below.