Green Infrastructure Projects Could Help Make Your Community Better Off 100%

Sustainability is a buzzword that is, unfortunately, associated with a particular branch of politics. For that reason, it often elicits groans from the opposing side the moment it is mentioned. 

Keeping the planet healthy for the long-term, however, should be a partisan issue. Everyone has a stake in ensuring that the world of tomorrow is just as hospitable as it is today. 

The problem, as many people see it, is that transitioning to a “sustainable economy” involves fundamentally changing our way of life. Many foresee significant declines in their standard of living if the economy deindustrializes. 

The role of public works in sustainable communities, however, puts that view in doubt. We don’t face a choice between going green and sacrificing our wealth or letting the planet burn. We can have it both ways. Going green could actually make us better off overall. 

The following infographic introduces the importance of creating sustainable communities and the role that public works play. It then goes onto define what sustainability means in this context and how it might apply in your town. Don’t worry; the graphic provides plenty of examples so you can get your head around the subject.

Infographic by Norwich University

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