One Is The Loneliest Number In The Blogging World, But Can You Grow Your Blog Without Compromise?

Thousands of people manage their own blogs. They do everything from writing their content to designing their page. While there’s no denying such individuals work hard, self-management is pretty easy in the starting stages. A post once or twice a week tends to do it, and even basic page designs could see you through.

But, what happens when page popularity starts to rack up? Before you know, answering comments becomes a full-time job, let alone creating content.

The trouble is, you’ve noticed how much slack other bloggers take for getting other people on board. It’s no secret in the blogosphere that bloggers with staff writers get a fair amount of slack.

And, it’s easy to see why. If other people are writing your content, how can you keep your blogging integrity?

Your readers may soon lose faith and turn away, and thus eliminate your need for a team in the first place.So, where’s the compromise?

In truth, it’s entirely possible to get others on board and still keep your readership happy.

All you need to do is consider the following. Make sure you still write the body of your content If there’s one thing which matters, it’s that you write your content, especially if that’s how you’ve started out.

A blog which begins with many different voices won’t need to worry about this as much. But, if your blog foundations are built on posts you write yourself, you need to keep that going despite blog growth.

The worst thing you could do is let others take over this. In fact, taking care of your content is perhaps the one job that you can’t compromise on here.

If nothing else, remembering that should see you through. Know what you can get help with … So, that’s what you can’t get help with. But, what help can you rely on? For one, IT support will fast become invaluable to you. When your viewer numbers rise, keeping your network secure and your files backed up is crucial. You can do this by hiring someone in-house or turning to an IT outsourcing company like IT Total Care Inc.

Either way, it’ll be difficult for anyone to complain about this. Other jobs you could get help with include things like the web design aspects of your blog. You could even get help with crucial tasks like proofreading. None of these will lead to deceit, and that’s the main thing you want to avoid.

Be honest

Another major factor is that you’re honest. Even blogs with staff writers shouldn’t have trouble if they’re just open about the fact. Most times, scandals here only involve bloggers who put their name to staff content. Always be open about the fact you get help. Rather than being a bad thing, this shows your readership how successful your blog is. That’s a definite positive. So, don’t keep anything under the carpet. Add pictures and descriptions of any team members on your page, and be 100% open about what they do!

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