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Healing Fear & Not Enough – Aug 29 11:11am

$111.00 $44.00


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First let me tell you who this webinar is for … If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then this webinar is for you.

  • You suffer from chronic illness
  • You Suffer from anxiety or depression
  • You feel like your life has no meaning
  • You are ready for positive change in your life
  • You want to make a difference
  • You feel you were meant for more
  • You want to remove energetic blocks
  • You need to break a negative pattern
  • You need clarity
  • You want to learn how to tap into your divine intuition



Pre-Register For The Webinar And Save $67.00

Join Jennifer Dawn in this Live Webinar where she will share with you how you can begin to heal yourself from a lifetime or trauma , trapped emotion and illness.

Start living the life you are meant to live.


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