Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Doing best for your customers is the best way to go forward with your business, sometimes our systems can limit us and when we are doing reviews and getting feedback from employees we are finding the processes are up to scratch or are limiting what they are doing. This in turn can end up meaning your customer service isn’t what it could be and your customers get unhappy. Never ignore the problem and hope it will work itself out, you want to be proactive, ask for help if you need to. Another option is to simply outsource and get an expert to help you improve things.

If processes are too complicated one way to look at improving them, whether customer-facing or just what is going on behind the scenes, can end up making the user experience worse overall. By opting to have a more flexible flow is a great way to deal with it. The flexible flow concentrates on different elements to help, 5 overall. The one they would start with is minimizing queues. Queues are the opposite of having a flexible and responsible solution development. It causes delays, lower quality, and revenue, as well as competitors swooping in to take your business. You certainly don’t want that.

After minimizing the queues it is time to move on looking at smaller batches. If you work in smaller batches it will shrink the queues and product managers can deliver Minimum Marketable Features. Work In Progress is the third stage, another way to manage queues as this is such a positive thing to implement in your business. They will look to limit the work in the queues for monitoring and progress during the whole process. This means you can be quicker to deliver great value to your customers. 

Another thing you will need to look at is shortening cycle times. As the batch size is shrinking and your team focuses on fewer concurrent items the cycle time decreases. So you can simplify things, a process that used to take your team a month could now only take 2 weeks. So you are being twice as productive and are progressing the business in the right way. The last part of Flexible flow is the goal of a single piece flow. This is where your team focuses on one thing at a time and delivers it quickly. This may not always be suitable but it is something to look to. 


Improving efficiency is essential but even more so if you have a small business and it will do wonders for you by having this implemented. It helps your productivity increase all while saving money and time. It helps with consistently improving and working towards the next thing for your business. Training is just as important to keep your business moving forward and helps people stay up to date with changes and perform in their role in the best way possible. It will help you take your business to the next level and outshine competitors.

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