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When you go through the spiritual awakening process, you will discover what the real causes of chronic disease are.

While many would argue that it is simply genetics or poor self care habits, there are many people, like myself, who believe that all illness is caused by trapped emotions in the body.

Unresolved Trauma & Trapped Emotion Lead To Disease ( Dis-ease)

I was chronically ill for over a decade and spent a great deal of time, angry , defeated and feeling like not enough. It was only when I started to do the shadow work and turn to more natural methods to heal that I started to improve not only my mindset but my health as well.

The Secret Language Of Your Body written by Inna Segal made a huge impact on my health & wellness. The book goes in to detail on which emotions are causing specific illness in the body and how you can heal your body naturally by clearing out all of that emotional garbage that is blocking you from living the life that you are meant to live. I use this book like a workbook and recommend it to everyone.

Energy Healing Modalities To Clear & Balance Your Chakras

Coping with chronic illness and disability affects not only the person who is chronically ill, but all of those who are close. There is such a heavy, negative low vibrational energy associated with chronic illness. The good news is that if you are willing to do a little work and devote some time to self care, you can reverse the dis-eases that are in your body.

There are different types of healing modalities, such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Shamanism and more. Each modality may have things that it focuses on more intently than another healing modality, such as Sacred Geometry Alchemy & Chakras, Christ Consciousness, the Akashic records, energy attunements , Meditation, Sound Healing and a plethora of other tools to help you with the spiritual awakening stages.

As you go through your spiritual journey, you may experience spiritual awakening symptoms, but rest assured that it is only temporary. There are many energy workers and healers that can help you through this process , 2 of my favorites are Marissa Peer & Christie Marie Sheldon.

Meditation Mala
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As someone who suffered from Fibromyalgia, debilitating pain and anxiety for well over a decade , I can tell you that immersing yourself in your spiritual education is a life changing experience. Once you start focusing more on gratitude and letting go of old emotions that no longer serve you, your mind ,body and soul begin to heal instantaneously and you begin to access your higher consciousness.

You become more at peace , empathetic and intuitive. You may also find yourself craving time doing things outdoors where you had not before. 

Spending Time In Nature Is One Of The Best Grounding Activities

Gardening is one of my favorite ways to ground , along with rock hounding. I have an insane love of Crystals & Minerals and their healing properties. I have given up mainstream chemical laden products and focus more on plant medicine and natural health remedies.

Essential oils have become a very large part of my medicine cabinet, along with dried herbs such as lavender, chamomile, and cannabis.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I love to hear how others are using natural remedies and energy healing.

How A Spiritual Awakening Helped End Chronic Illness - All of my Fibromylagia symptoms & anxiety have disappeared. Find out what you can do to end chronic illness. #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #naturalhealth
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