How To Create A Professional Pinterest Profile

How To Create A Professional Pinterest Profile

The very first step to creating a professional Pinterest Profile is converting to a Business Account. You can find the instructions for that here. Once you have converted to a Business account, you can begin filling out your profile information.

You will want to make sure that all of the information you enter in to your Pinterest profile is SEO optimized. What does this mean? Use researched keywords to let Google and other search engines know what it is that you want to be found for.

In my case it is Business Growth, Social Media Marketing & Blogging Tips that I have added in to my business name letting viewers know what it is that I can help them with.   

If you are a DIY Blogger for example , you may want to use keywords like Easy Diy Projects , DIY Projects for Kids, DIY Home Decor , etc. 


If you look at the image above, you will see an area that says featured boards. You have the option to set 1-5 Featured boards that will be highlighted on your profile.

I recommend that the 1st 2 boards be just about your blog , website or products . I typically will do a best of board , in my case it is called Best of Blogging. The other 3 I would dedicate to your most popular and seasonal or special occasion boards. For example , Christmas Recipes, Easter Decorations , etc.


Two other things you will want to do to create a professional profile is to Claim Your website and link some of your social networks to share your Pinterest Content. Claiming your website is also necessary to access your website analytics and rich pins


Apply these same these same techniques when creating your Pinterest Boards.

And there you have it ! A step by step guide to creating a professional profile on Pinterest. Let me know if you found these tips helpful in the comments below.


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