Jennifer Dawn

This past summer was when my spiritual journey really began, it was when my world opened up to new possibilities and healing on a quantum level! I began going through my spiritual awakening & manifesting money on a regular basis!

As you may or may not be aware, I have suffered from chronic illness & anxiety for well over a decade.  It has been a long journey but one that has been full of lessons , realizations and letting go of limited beliefs.

Trapped Emotions Cause Dis-Ease

When I first got sick and lost my job, my primary focus was trying to find a way to earn income from home because I was confined to my bed or a lazy boy for over 8 months because of pain and withdrawal from the very medications that were supposed to give me my life back! #cymbaltaruinedmylife

And while I was successful in figuring out how to do this, my success was limited and I seemed to be in a repeating pattern of feast or famine. And each time I would see some form of success, my anxiety would flare up and I would be in a continual state of pain and inflammation, unable to move, focus or do much of anything. 

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Buddha Statues

Honestly , most days I would lie in tears wondering why me? And thinking how unfair life was…

There have been a number of things that I credit for my complete change in health & abilities in manifesting more money. The first was realizing that before I could truly see any improvement in any area of my life , I had to start healing … I had to believe that I was worth better health and a more abundant life. I really started to notice a shift when I took my 1st Reiki Course.

I started to learn how to heal and let go of the limited beliefs that I have carried for the course of my lifetime and discovered how most of these beliefs weren’t even my own!

My health improved almost immediately and I suddenly could move in ways I hadn’t been able to move in so many years! 

I was able to get off all anxiety meds and treat everything with only natural products and remedies.

I spend time each day in meditation and self care, focusing on my spiritual growth.

This new found love and passion resulted in a natural growth in my business. #lawofattraction #thoughtsbecomethings 

This growth stems from my heartfelt desire to share all of my knowledge with others who may be in a similar position or place in their life.


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    There was a time when I was afraid of being seen. I was afraid to be who I really was for fear of judgement … I bet many of you can relate?

    But the more I focused on my spiritual growth & healing, the better I felt.

    I really started to focus on learning more and feeling more. I wanted to know how to really develop my intuition and how I could help others heal. I learned about Kinetic Divination , Theta Healing , Crystal Healing & Crystal Grids, Plant Medicine , Reiki and several other modalities of healing.

    I had this hunger for spiritual knowledge … I wanted to know ALL of the things! Numerology, Moon Cycles, Astrology, Tarot, Oracle Cards , Theta Healing , NLP, EFT, Binaural Beats, Archangels, Gods & Goddess’s , Deities, Mythology and Quantum Physics.

    I also decided that I wanted to really deep dive, so I changed the focus of my business so that I really only work with spiritual & creative entrepreneurs. I stopped promoting things that weren’t truly aligned with my life and vision or my mission to be of service to others. ( Donations can be made here

    The partnerships I have made and continue to make fill me with such gratitude! 


    I provide guidance to people in many different situations , budgets and mindsets. We all have to start somewhere and the end goal is a stress free , life of abundance full of health & happiness. I LOVE being able to help people gain some clarity and get to their end goal!

    Please leave me a comment and tell me how I can help you with your personal struggles or leave me an inspirational story on how Natural Healing has made a difference in your life.

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