Manifesting With The Moon & Intention

There is a new moon May 4th and it is the optimum time to start manifesting with the moon and setting intentions. 

Spring is a time of new beginnings and coupled with a new moon , manifestation power is increased!

I am sure you have heard about spiritual awakenings and higher consciousness and learning how mindset is key to manifesting. I am going to share with you how I go about setting powerful intentions and manifesting abundance.


Is there a Moon Magick Kit for Beginners?

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The answer is yes, you can find kits all over the internet. My 2 favorite places for spiritual supplies are Etsy and Magickal Earth. (Use code 30k for 20% off)

I recently received the monthly subscription box and it was loaded full of witchy wonders!

This month’s box was centered around new beginnings , helping you make the changes you want to make in your life and manifest your desires.

The box contained a small red pail with some peat moss , some seeds to plant , a small clip on chalkboard sign to label your plant, along with a small bottle of water from Mt. Shasta that had been charged with the energies of the New Moon to water it in. ( I am actually saving the water for something else)

It also contained several other spiritual items like a beautiful, high vibrational Moonstone point, a rose quartz heart, a heart shaped himalayan salt stone , Greening Earth Oakmoss Essential Oil & Herbal Infusion, along with a Monthly astrological overview & brief personalized Sun Sign Horoscope.

What I love most about Magickal Earth is the vast selection of crystals that you can buy on their own.

5 Steps You Should Take To Increase Your Moon Manifesting Power

# 1 Gratitude Journal – This was something I picked up from Sarah Prout , master manifester and author of Dear Universe ( which I just so happened to manifest winning a signed copy!)

I make sure that I only write positive things . The trick is to write like it is is already yours and that you are grateful for it.

There is no such thing as too much gratitude!

I also have several other journals, 1 for writing down ideas and another as a book of shadows.

It contains recipes, spells, and whatever information I deem worthy of adding to my collection of woo.

#2 . Clear Away Limited Beliefs – The easiest & quickest way to do this is to get a clearing service from a Theta healer. Mindvalley is where I found Christie Marie Sheldon and she is AMAZING! I went though her program Unlimited Abundance and it was a life changer! 

#3 – Spiritual Bath – I always make sure I am super grounded and ready to manifest by taking a spiritual bath. This includes Epsom Salt ( or any salt soak) crystals, candles and Essential oils ( sometimes I also add flowers and herbs to the mix) While in the bath I put on a sound healing or guided meditation. The Saged app comes in handy here!

#4 Candle Magick! – My friend Kelly Dawn from The Witch Revolution got me started with my first simple money spell and I have been doing it every time I perform some moon magick.  She teaches some pretty amazing things in her group and also has a mentoring program for those wanting personal guidance on the craft.

You can get a money spell kit here. 

#5 Create a Reiki Box!

Although you can create a Reiki Box any day you choose, the energy is much stronger on a full moon or new moon.

I purchased a glass pyramid similar to this one and filled it with some sigils I created , an orgone pyramid for abundance, some crystals for prosperity & abundance, and an affirmation card.

You can also write yourself a check from the universe and add it in too! While I am doing this I will cleanse my space and supplies with sage ( palo santo is becoming endangered) and sound ( singing bowls or tuning forks make great options) light my candles and focus my energy on the box .. 

I also have a beautiful crystal wand that I use to activate my reiki symbols.

Do you have a favorite moon ritual? I would love to hear more about it in the comments below.

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