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24 Of The Most Beautiful & Inspirational Journals and Notebooks

If you are anything like me then you rely on pretty journals, planners and notebooks to keep you organized and motivated!
I have several journals for different tasks and plenty of back ups as well.
I just can’t resist the temptation to stockpile them (with the intention of gift giving of course!)
Scroll through these stunning Journals and Notebooks … Do you see one you like?
I know several of them are calling my name!

Beautiful Journals , Planners & Notebooks

Etsy also has a great selection Of Journals , Planners, Notebooks and Diaries. Many of the selections on Etsy can be personalized or are printable so you can really customize. ( And while you are there check out some of the other beautiful organizational products that can be found)

I love having a Good Selection of things to write in. You never know when a moment of pure genius is going to strike and you will need to write something down in a hurry!

There are many uses for these beautiful Journals, Notebooks & Planners

  • make lists
  • schedule appointments
  • write down recipes
  • write down ideas
  • doodle

Having such Beautiful & Inspirational things to write in connects with me on a spiritual level. You want things in your life that are going to be a positive influence in some way, shape or form. And these journals certainly provide that for me.

Another thing about me is that I like Organization , sometimes to an OCD level. But I want to be able to locate the information I am looking for and find it is easy to do this when I compartmentalize.

Do You Use Journals, Notebooks or Planners? What is the main thing that you use them for?

I would be lost without my planners and notebooks!

Leave me a message below and tell me why you couldn’t live without your planner.



Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn is a Blogger & Marketer who teaches others how to Grow Their Blogs And Business Utilizing Social Media. She is A Pinterest expert and loves to help out small businesses and Entrepreneurs.

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  1. What a lovely collection. I guess these are the simple pleasures and treats that just throw in that extra zing in our everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great collection. So many of them have my name on them 🙂

  3. Okay, there is nothing I love more than a super cute planner! It honestly helps me be more organized as crazy as that sounds!

  4. WHAt a beautiful list! I love the inform Kate spade

  5. These are nice, my husband uses a journal. A great gift idea!

  6. Lovely Journals , Planners and Notebooks. Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are all so amazing! I love when they’re really pretty on the outside:) thanks for sharing!

    1. Jennifer Dawn says:

      Pretty = Motivation 🙂

  8. these are all lovely. I’m thinking of updating my planner. These are great options thanks

    1. Jennifer Dawn says:

      You are welcome! I hope you find one you LOVE!

  9. I keep hearing about Etsy. I guess I really need to check them out.

    1. Jennifer Dawn says:

      Etsy is amazing! There is nothing better than supporting a small business!

  10. the sophia diaries says:

    kikki.k planners are seriously the best!!

  11. I am a planner girl. I always have to have a planner. I go to ross and see these all the time.

    1. Jennifer Dawn says:

      I am right with ya! I would be lost without mine!

  12. they are beautiful notebooks, I have note book envy! I just bought a new diary actually because I find having a daily to-do list written down in front of me, plus being able to see any meetings or social commitments at a glance useful for keeping me focussed and on track.

    1. Jennifer Dawn says:

      I need a planner or I forget everything! lol

  13. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Wow i love all of these journals and notebooks. I am a person who loves on planning.

  15. What a lovely collection. Thanks for gathering them in one place and sharing them with us

  16. Thanks foг finally talking about >24 of The Most Beautiful & Inspirational Planners, Journals and
    Notebooks <Loved it!

  17. Love every single one of these ideas!

    1. Thanks! I actually picked up two new ones just the other day! I like to have separate books for different things.

  18. Love notebooks too.. When I go to stores I usually head straight to the pen or notebook section. Great blog! Will continue to watch your blog.

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