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I recently started a tuning fork experiment. I wanted to personally test the  sound healing benefits of tuning fork therapy.

I had purchased the book Tuning The Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick and was fascinated!

It was stated that you can find blocks in the etheric field and remove them with the use of tuning fork therapy.

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How Does Tuning Fork Therapy Work?

Each tuning fork has it’s own vibrational frequency and each frequency is meant to assist with a certain issue and you can use specific forks to balance chakras, connect with spirit , heal dna and many more benefits.

Tuning Fork Frequencies for Healing.

I have been using the Solfeggio set and have been amazed by the density I have felt in some areas with some of the tuning fork frequencies.  You can literally feel where there is tension and I have been using the forks until I feel the tension melt away. 

Here is an outline of what each of the forks are used for. 

UT (ut quent laxis) Liberating Guilt & Fear … 396 Hz RE (resonare fibris)

Facilitating Change & Support … 417 Hz MI (mira gestorum)

Transformation & Miracles DNA Repair … 528 Hz FA (famuli tuorum)

Connecting & Relationships … 639 Hz SOL (solve polluti)

Awakening Intuition … 741 Hz LA (labili reatum)

Returning to Spirit … 852 Hz

Benefits Of Vibration Therapy

I have had great results with vibrational sound healing and  have found that the 528 HZ combined with 396 HZ does a great job at diffusing anxiety.

Tuning forks come in a wide variety of frequencies and many healers also use weighted forks.

They are a great addition to any spiritual healing practice.

You can try the different healing frequencies in guided meditations and with binaural beats.

I have also used healing sound machines that combine guided meditation and healing with sound frequencies.


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    If you have used tuning fork therapy, I would love to hear about your experience or your favorite frequency to work with.

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