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    Diy Christmas Gift Ideas

    Many are feeling the financial crunch this year and are opting to get back to basics and are making many of their Christmas Gifts. Whether it is for financial reasons or because you are just the type of person who prefers to make their gifts, I have a ton of great options for you (along with where you can purchase ready-made items as well if you desire to go that route) I will be making several of my gifts this year as I always do! ( FYI when we move, my new house MUST have a bigger craft room! ) I advise that if you are giving any handmade gifts that…

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    Handmade With Love Super Bundle & Giveaway!

    Snow’s about ready to fall in the Northern hemisphere, and what will you be doing when it does? Sitting by a crackling fire… Hot cup of tea nearby… Soft yarn and smooth needles in your lap… Sounds like you’re ready for colder weather :). If you’ve been on the run all summer and fall, it’s about time for your schedule to slow down just a bit… which means you’ll be reaching for your next handmade project. I can’t think of a better way to welcome winter than to tell you about a collection of digital resources you’re going to be starry-eyed over. It’s called the Handmade with Love Super Bundle.…

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    Tired of feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control?

    If you are anything like me then you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Life is Busy and chaotic and as a Blogger with a Chronic Illness, I am grateful for anything that saves me time and helps keep me organized! I myself am constantly learning new #lifehacks. Dealing with chronic pain and anxiety I really feel the need to have things more organized and maintainable! I know you hear me! I have better things to do with my time, (like a nice long hot bubble bath ) not mindless time sucking chores or spending hours looking for something because I am just way too disorganized! Honestly,…