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Budgeting & Taxes – How To Make Your Money Work For You

Budgeting & Taxes – How To Make Your Money Work For You

Have you been struggling with your finances? I was in that same position for the majority of my life and then not too long ago I made some pretty big changes.

I decided that in 2018 I would focus on improving all aspects of my money, such as Budgeting, Credit Improvement, Income Taxes, Organization and working towards becoming debt free and living a more self-sustaining lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This site utilizes affiliate links. What does this mean? If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. But a girls gotta pay the bills ya know?

I always recommend starting with your budget. This will be the tool that you use to manage your money, which in turn will help in some of the other areas of your finances such as credit improvement.

I recently started using You Need A Budget and the great thing about it is it is very user-friendly, adaptable and they have a MONTH FREE TRIAL.  (Well, it is actually 34 days )

Another great way to get control of your budget is by using a Cash Envelope System.

With a Cash Envelope System, you budget your money by separating the cash into categories. For Example, you would have separate envelopes for Groceries, Entertainment, Clothing, Gifts, etc. You can find some really beautiful wallets like the ones pictured below (click on the photo for more details) or d.i.y them by using plain envelopes  (which do tend to rip and get demolished fairly quickly and why I recommend investing in a good organizing wallet. Another option would be dollar store make up bags that you label.)

This really helps you to stick to your budget and see at a glance what you have left to work with.

One of the best ways to help pay off your debt and/or create a savings cushion is with your tax return. First and foremost, save money where you can, so that you can take those savings and put them to good use.

I have gathered up some savings for you to use this tax season.

I do my own taxes every year and have for over a decade.

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Is there something that you struggle with when it comes to budgeting or taxes? Let me know in the comments below.

Self Improvement – Do You Have What You Need To Succeed ?

Self Improvement – Do You Have What You Need To Succeed ?

To say that this past year has been a year of great growth, would be a bit of an understatement!

Launching several online business ventures while coping with Fibromyalgia & Anxiety has been a great learning and growth experience for me.

So what is it exactly that has changed? That in itself is a bit of a loaded question.

I was struggling is so many areas of my life … my health was rapidly on the decline, I was in pain, stressed and feeling so overwhelmed with trying to find time to do everything that I wanted to do. Basically, I was spending way too much time and energy on the negative aspects of my life rather than focusing on the good and this was the first place I needed to make a change.

Disclaimer : This site utilizes affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you. 
]My mindset was the first thing that needed to change and I spent and still spend a lot of time making sure that I take the time that I deserve on myself.

What do I mean by that? Well, I had to learn to allow myself to take care of “me” and realize that I deserved it just as much as anyone else. The law of attraction is a very powerful thing.

I watched videos from Motivational Speakers, listened to meditation programs and Binaural Beats. 

I have found that I thrive on continuous learning! 

I am constantly taking new courses to further my skill set & knowledge base, which also allows me to expand on the ways I am able to help others.
 A couple of places I highly recommend are MindValley Academy & Udemy.

Both sites have courses taught by the best in their fields!

Two of my favorite Female powerhouses are Marissa Peer & Christie Marie Sheldon and they both have a FREE course available.  I recommend starting with these and then moving forward with some of the paid options.

Udemy has such a vast selection of courses from Personal Development, Life Coaching, FinancesMeditation, Mindfulness & so much more.

So much valuable knowledge at your fingertips.

I also learned so much about health, wellness & nutrition, which we will talk about in another post. I have learned to focus on living a balanced and purposeful life and have really been working on decluttering, budgeting, credit repair and becoming self-sufficient.

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