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Over the years I have done A LOT of testing when it comes to tools & services I use to run my online business. I often get asked what tools I use now & what tools I recommend as alternatives. This is the kind of list I wish I had access to when I first started! Most of these will apply if you are a Blogger, Online Marketer or Entrepreneur. Please be aware that I have utilized affiliate links. I only promote products that I know , love, use and trust.

Reliable Website Hosting:

You will see many Bloggers who promote places like Bluhost & Host Gator, but I highly recommend staying away from both of them! I tried both when I was starting out , I was actually with Bluhost for a couple of years. However, I got tired of the sub par support and constant downtime of my site. I then moved to Godaddy, which I was happy with for years but got to the point where I needed more than what they were offering and at a better price. I recently made the switch to Site Ground and have been extremely happy with the service and support. 

Site Ground is now what I recommend to start with. They have competitive pricing & GREAT support! PLUS they offer FREE Website Migration!

Easy To Use WordPress Plug Ins , Tools & Website Services:

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