25 Must Haves For any Make Up Lover!

25 Must Haves For any Make Up Lover!

What are the Hottest Gifts on every Makeup Lovers Mind ?

I have compiled a list of the HOTTEST & most coveted items on every makeup junkies wish list! You will have one very happy make up lover on your hands if they find any one of these items under the tree!

Disclaimer : There are affiliate links contained within the site. Any purchase you make may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost to you , of course! ) I only recommend the BEST! Any opinions stated are just that … my opinions.

Many of these items are also limited edition, so I recommend getting a jump start while they are still available!

They make awesome stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and (cough) your own personal prized collection!

I LOVE getting collections and Limited Edition’s at Christmas ( or any time of the year for that matter!)

What is on your wish list this year?

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12 of The Best Gifts For Introverts

12 of The Best Gifts For Introverts

Introverts …

We all know at least one! So what makes a good gift for an Introvert?

As an introvert myself, I can tell you that introverts are completely ok being introverted. Hell, we like to advertise it!

Here are some great gift ideas that express just how we feel!


Disclaimer : There are affiliate links contained within the site. Any purchase you make may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost to you , of course! ) I only recommend the BEST! Any opinions stated are just that … my opinions.

Just click on the photos to get full photos & details.


I would love to get any one of these items as a gift and am sure most introverts would!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share this post with your introvert friends!

How To Brand Your Content Like a Boss!

How To Brand Your Content Like a Boss!

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Why Brand Your Content ?

Whether or not you are a Blogger or just looking to promote a Side Hustle , Product or Business …  You NEED Branded Content!

Branded Content not only looks more professional, it is a way for people to start recognizing you. Often you will associate certain colors , fonts & layouts as belonging to a certain person or product.

This = Branding.

How Do I Brand My Content?

One of the best ways to brand your content is with the use of styled stock photos. It took my Brand from a 2 to a 10 the moment I implemented the changes.

Let’s face it, not everyone is good with a camera or has the artistic talent and props to pull off a professional looking photo . I use a mix of Styled Stock Photos and my own photos but let me tell ya that the Stock Photos are a real time saver!

Where Do I get Styled Stock Photos?

I have a couple of places that I like to Shop for my photos , themes and fonts. They provide high quality images and affordable packages so whether you are a seasoned Pro or looking to get off on the right start , here are a few places you will want to have a look see …

Creative Market – Ahhh .. the beauty that can be found within these cyber walls ….  If you are unable to find something to fit your needs/style, well ..then you must not be human . It really doesn’t matter what your niche is … Creative Market has what you need!

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

Etsy is another great place to find stock photos, fonts and themes along with Elegant Themes.


Personalize your photos by using sites such as PicMonkey & Canva . They are both super easy to use and both have free versions as well.

You may even want consider having a Custom Made Logo and you can find some inexpensive options on Fiverr. 
(any kind of Logo Design for $5!! )

So to Sum it all up … Once you have decided on your Niche & Focus , It is time to Brand Yo’self!

  • Choose 2-4 Complimentary Colors
  • Use Clear Images that stand out
  • Find 2-3 Complimentary Fonts
  • Create Content

An additional thing to consider is having your brand or website name on all photos to watermark them. You WANT people to know who you are and how to find you!

If you would like to know more about Branding and How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business , you will definitely want to check out Pinning Your Way To Success.

Leave me a comment below and tell me What aspect of your Blog or Business are you struggling with?

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How To Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

How To Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

Do you want to know how to get the Law of Attraction to work for you? Do You know what the Law of Attraction is? Or how powerful it is when applied daily?

If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have Fibromyalgia. A chronic illness and that just a few short years ago I was in a pretty dark place.

I was Chronically ill, which caused me to lose my job. And with all the health issues I had , also caused severe anxiety and depression.I had to find a way out of this spiraling mess , find a way to make myself feel better (even on those days when I wasn’t feeling so good). An acquaintance of mine had started talking to me about the Law of Attraction. This was something I had never really heard of before. She recommended I watch the Secret (based on the book ) . I was instantly mesmerized and intrigued! I then found my way to Tony Robbins, I had watched I am not your Guru on Netflix and it hit so close to home for me . It had made me cry and made me realize a number of things about myself , my life and what I needed to do if I wanted it to change.

“The Shift”

I began scouring the internet for information. It wasn’t until I came across a couple of courses that things really started to change for me. The first being that the terrible anxiety that I suffered from started to fade and I started to feel better about myself and my abilities. No Chronic Illness was going to hold me back! As I went through these courses I felt myself starting to shift .. my vision became clearer. I became much more empathetic and just started feeling gratitude for all that I did have and stopped focusing on what I didn’t or the things that I lacked.

The thing about the Law of Attraction is it much more than making a vision board (which I have done) or trying to visualize what you want . You really have to believe you already have it and seeing it in your mind on a daily basis. “Thoughts become Things”

These are The Steps That I Took:

The first course I went through was a course by Dr. Steve G Jones. It was the course that began to change me.  Dr. Steve G Jones is an well known clinical hypnotherapist and has been featured in places such Forbes and People Magazine.

The next course that I took really took things on a fast track to success. When I first watched the video (watch it to the very end). I couldn’t believe the similarities! It was like I was the one talking! Manifestation Miracle is one of the best courses (in my humble opinion) on the Law of Attraction and how to get it to work for you. All of the right things started to fall in place and I was very clear on the changes that needed to happen in order to get the results that I wanted.

I had learned how to Manifest things that I did not think I was capable of!

My life is now one of Gratitude and Excitement for all the things that have happened and the things that are about to happen!

I had gone from being a anxiety ridden , depressed woman with a Chronic Illness to a Successful Blogger & Marketer. ( I have also Blogged for the Huffington Post!) My Social Media following grew in leaps and bounds almost overnight it seemed. And I am presented with new opportunities on a daily basis. I began to connect with all of the right people with the information that I needed and truly began to Blossom.

Reading is a big part of Growing and I highly Recommend reading these Books:

Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue ( I also bought myself a deck of her cards)

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill


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