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Self Care & MeditationTips For Beginners

Self Care & MeditationTips For Beginners

Self Care & Meditation Tips, Daily Self Care Routine , Guided Meditations For Beginners - Creating a meditation space in bedroom / Creating Sacred Space #meditation #selfcare #chakras

With the unavoidable stressors of every day life, it is important to take time for a self care routine.  Check out my tips for meditation and self care.

As someone who has suffered from both Chronic illness , pain and anxiety it became very important for me to devote more time to self care. And to be honest, I believe part of this is because I didn’t really spend any time on self care before at all. 

There are a few things that I have made part of my regular routine to help keep me grounded and de-stressed!

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This post has been sponsored by Grosche. All opinions are my own.

Last summer , when I was at the peak of my anxiety attacks and the beginning of my spiritual journey, I started making 2 things important in my natural self care routine.  I discovered I had a love of gardens and herbal tea. Something about the scent was so calming and instantly melted away my anxiety. Not to mention that I was doing my body some good detoxing with herbal wellness teas , rather than caffeine laden coffee which sometimes made my anxiety worse. 

I will always be partial to chamomile but some of these natural blended teas have so many other health benefits that you just can’t get from your standard cup of joe!

Herbal Wellness tea boosts the immune system, provides antioxidants, improves energy levels, promotes circulation, and detoxes to name a few of it’s benefits. 

I had the opportunity to sample some of the wellness and Flowering Tea from Grosche

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Not only does Grosche provide you with beautiful herbal teas, they also care about others having clean water! You can read more about this on their website.

The flowering tea that I tried was Earth, Wind & Fire and it was reminiscent of a a mid summer floral garden.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon after taking a salt bath and doing some guided meditation that I found on Saged.

Saged is an amazing new app that is perfect for all of your spiritual needs and is a really great app for those who are just beginning their spiritual journey because they have all they need at their fingertips. The thing that I love most about Saged is that is really travel friendly. If I am somewhere that I cannot listen to a meditation or watch a video, I can still read some very motivating & uplifting articles that help guide me on my spiritual journey.

You can also find natural, healing DIY recipes as well. If that isn’t enough , there is also a selection of Spiritual Podcasts you can listen to. It has quickly become my favorite thing to go to when I am not working. 

Give the app a try and let me know what you think! I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

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    Some of the other things I have found really helpful when it comes to self care are finding activities that you truly love! For me it is gardening, crystals, candles, healthy cooking, bird watching and crafting.

    other ideas that are also great to add in to your self care & meditation rituals:

    • A nice long, luxurious goddess bath 
    • Read a good book
    • Connect with spirit
    • Practice NLP
    • Do some tapping ( otherwise known as EFT)
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    What are some of your favorite ways to destress or prepare for meditation?

    How To Overcome Fear & Doubt

    How To Overcome Fear & Doubt

    Do you find yourself constantly worried about someone or something? Do you doubt every decision you make? Are you in a constant state of fear & self doubt? I can totally relate! It wasn’t too long ago that I was in that exact place! That is why I truly want to share with you what you can do to finally overcome all those heavy, negative feelings and start your path to healing.

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost a decade and ago and have been struggling with health and wellness for as long as I can remember.

    As a kid, I always had seemed to have an ear or throat infection.  Turns out that all of these illnesses are connected to each other on a much deeper level and I will be sharing more on that in the future.

    Each struggle and illness that I had was brought on because of emotions that I was trying to deal with on some level.

    Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    I was suffering from a lifetime of unresolved emotion and it was manifesting itself in the form of health issues and anxiety!

    So what do you do? It took me  a bit of time to realize that in order for me to start moving forward a couple of things had to happen first.

    #1 I had to change my mindset! This is KEY.  The biggest thing is to realize that you are worth it and start putting in the work! 

    I have made so many changes in my life and you will soon realize that life is about consistent change & growth. Everything is energy and needs to be in constant flow!

    I am going to share with you some of the things I have done in the past year and some things I have done even more recently that have had a huge impact on my health, wellness and life.

    *** Cold Hard Fact YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE that you are worthy of investing in yourself before even considering the notion that other people will invest in you.

    How To Overcome Fear & Doubt - Change your mindset and get rid of those lower based energies like fear & doubt.#mindsetshift #anxiet

    I still remember the moment that I became awakened to the reality that life didn’t have to be this way. That everything is a choice and I had to make the conscious choice to better my life. I had just joined a new MLM and the person that had signed me up had asked me if I knew who Tony Robbins was. At the time, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I had no clue who he was! I also knew nothing about “The Secret” …

    At the time I Am Not Your Guru was playing on Netflix and I watched it and the tears flowed down my face as I watched and listened to some incredible stories. This was also the time that my anxiety was at it’s peak. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, my body was not only in constant flare up mode , I was having intense, wave after wave of panic attack that caused my body to spasm and I was afraid and unable to leave the house.

    Want To Know What The 12 Must Have Crystals Are For Your Crystal Healing Kit?

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      I made a promise to myself that I was going to figure this all out and change the story that seemed to be on repeat in my life.

      I became hungry for knowledge and was on a quest to learn everything I could about the Law of Attraction, Reiki, Spiritual Healing and anything else that I felt could help me become the person that I truly felt I was meant to be as well as be so full of valuable knowledge that I could share with others and make a genuine difference in someone’s life. (All of this actually led to a massive shift in my business as well! )

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      I am not going to tell you that the road to get to where I am at now was easy one to travel , however, I think I may have made it harder than it had to be. I have been Published on The Huffington Post &  The Mighty , Created a course that was part of an exclusive bundle this year and have made so many amazing connections that have helped grow in my business and helped me grow spiritually as well. I am also free from any prescription drugs! #naturalremedies #healingenergy


      Tip #3 Limit The Time You Spend With Emotional Vampires ( You know, those people that suck the life & positivity from your very existence)

      Get Access To My Updated List Of Self Help Resources When It Goes Live! 

      Become the person you were meant to be and stop living in a state of fear, scarcity & lack

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        Is there something that you are really struggling with and would like help with? Let me know in the comments! And if you have an uplifting story to share please leave it in the comments to inspire others!

        Self Improvement – Do You Have What You Need To Succeed ?

        Self Improvement – Do You Have What You Need To Succeed ?

        To say that this past year has been a year of great growth, would be a bit of an understatement!

        Launching several online business ventures while coping with Fibromyalgia & Anxiety has been a great learning and growth experience for me.

        So what is it exactly that has changed? That in itself is a bit of a loaded question.

        I was struggling is so many areas of my life … my health was rapidly on the decline, I was in pain, stressed and feeling so overwhelmed with trying to find time to do everything that I wanted to do. Basically, I was spending way too much time and energy on the negative aspects of my life rather than focusing on the good and this was the first place I needed to make a change.

        Disclaimer : This site utilizes affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you. 
        ]My mindset was the first thing that needed to change and I spent and still spend a lot of time making sure that I take the time that I deserve on myself.

        What do I mean by that? Well, I had to learn to allow myself to take care of “me” and realize that I deserved it just as much as anyone else. The law of attraction is a very powerful thing.

        I watched videos from Motivational Speakers, listened to meditation programs and Binaural Beats. 

        I have found that I thrive on continuous learning! 

        I am constantly taking new courses to further my skill set & knowledge base, which also allows me to expand on the ways I am able to help others.
         A couple of places I highly recommend are MindValley Academy & Udemy.

        Both sites have courses taught by the best in their fields!

        Two of my favorite Female powerhouses are Marissa Peer & Christie Marie Sheldon and they both have a FREE course available.  I recommend starting with these and then moving forward with some of the paid options.

        Udemy has such a vast selection of courses from Personal Development, Life Coaching, FinancesMeditation, Mindfulness & so much more.

        So much valuable knowledge at your fingertips.

        I also learned so much about health, wellness & nutrition, which we will talk about in another post. I have learned to focus on living a balanced and purposeful life and have really been working on decluttering, budgeting, credit repair and becoming self-sufficient.

        How To Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

        How To Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

        Do you want to know how to get theMindvalley (US & CA)” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Law of Attraction is? Or how powerful it is when applied daily?

        If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have Fibromyalgia. A chronic illness and that just a few short years ago I was in a pretty dark place.

        I was Chronically ill, which caused me to lose my job. And with all the health issues I had , also caused severe anxiety and depression.I had to find a way out of this spiraling mess , find a way to make myself feel better (even on those days when I wasn’t feeling so good). An acquaintance of mine had started talking to me about the the Secret (based on the book ) . I was instantly mesmerized and intrigued! I then found my way to Tony Robbins, I had watched I am not your Guru on Netflix and it hit so close to home for me . It had made me cry and made me realize a number of things about myself , my life and what I needed to do if I wanted it to change.

        “The Shift”

        I began scouring the internet for information. It wasn’t until I came across a couple of courses that things really started to change for me. The first being that the terrible anxiety that I suffered from started to fade and I started to feel better about myself and my abilities. No Chronic Illness was going to hold me back! As I went through these courses I felt myself starting to shift .. my vision became clearer. I became much more empathetic and just started feeling gratitude for all that I did have and stopped focusing on what I didn’t or the things that I lacked.

        The thing about the 

        You need to focus first on changing your mindset

         Marissa Peer is also known world wide for her abilities in getting the Law of Attraction to work.


        I had learned how to My life is now one of Gratitude and Excitement for all the things that have happened and the things that are about to happen!

        I had gone from being a anxiety ridden , depressed woman with a Chronic Illness to a Successful Blogger & Marketer. ( I have also Blogged for the Huffington Post!) My Social Media following grew in leaps and bounds almost overnight it seemed. And I am presented with new opportunities on a daily basis. I began to connect with all of the right people with the information that I needed and truly began to Blossom.

        Reading is a big part of Growing and I highly Recommend reading these Books:

        Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue ( I also bought myself a deck of her cards)

        Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

        Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill


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