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DIY Hibiscus Mint Lip Balm

DIY Hibiscus Mint Lip Balm

If you are anything like me #1 you just love to make things and #2 you are tired of chemical laden products. Make this DIY Hibiscus Mint Lip balm and have a little extra homemade goodness to add to your gift baskets.

I will often make an entire spa basket with lip balms, homemade bath bombs, Handcrafted candles an something else that has been made by me.


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How To Make Lip Balm

This lip balm is super moisturizing and is so simple to make!



I had purchased this portable electric element / stove /hot plate …  because I thought it would be extremely handy during canning season and for my diy projects like this one, along with  candle making. I then take a stainless steel pouring pot and add a few inches of water in it to act like a double boiler. 

I filled a mason jar with everything but the peppermint essential oil  ( I recommend you always use a Good Quality essential oil … My 4 favorite essential oil companies are Young Living, Revive, Simply Earth and Fabulous Frannies)

I let this simmer on very low for a few hours to steep the hibiscus in to the oil. 

This high mucilage content of Hibiscus enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture and makes for a great addition to this DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Once the oils were completely melted and had been steeping for a few hours, I grabbed another clean glass container and strained the oil to remove the hibiscus. You may find  it easier to strain in to a small glass measuring cup if you do not have any pipettes on hand. Pipettes allow for more accuracy and less mess.

Fill each lip balm container to the top and allow to cool. Once cooled you will likely notice that there are holes in the middle, if you still have room at the top, you can take any left over balm and top it off , or simply use a heat tool on low to level out the tops. 

If you plan on giving these for gifts or selling, I recommend adding a nice label and some shrink wrap. 

If you are not very good with design, you can buy some editable templates on Etsy , like the one I purchased to make these.

There are so many different variations that you can make with this recipe. Instead of the hibiscus you can infuse other herbs, such as chamomile , butterfly pea flower or rose. 

Try a different flavor combo, like Sweet orange and vanilla for a tasty natural orange creamsicle flavor, or iced coffee  and Pumpkin Pie for a Natural Pumpkin Spice Latte ( Or make life even simpler by buying it pre -blended! . Blending Winter Cocoa and Roasted Coconut will give you a lovely Chocolate Macaroon Flavor. 

These oils are also great options on their own :

@jenniferdawnweltz It is my goal to become as toxin free as possible and show others how they can start ditching the chemical overload! #toxinfree #essentialoils #diyproject #holistichealing #urbanhomestead @jenniferdawnweltz ♬ Dance Monkey - Tones And I

I would love to hear of any flavor combinations you have come up with or tried! Tag me on TIKTOK. 

The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Products – Say No To Harsh Chemicals!

The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Products – Say No To Harsh Chemicals!

Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

If you are anything like me then you have really been trying to cut back on the amount of chemicals that make it on and in your body. I have this belief that if I couldn’t eat it and not get sick, I probably shouldn’t be putting it on my skin either. This prompted me to find the best natural & organic beauty products to replace the chemical laden versions that I had over flowing in my makeup closet.

Over exposure to chemicals can cause a plethora of medical issues and I know first hand the havoc that can wreak! 

Saying goodbye to some of my favorite brands was kind of difficult, over time I had acquired quite the collection of high end brands, however, the majority of them did not make the cut when I decided to go chemical free.

The thing I love most about these natural cosmetic companies is that the ingredients are not only natural but have essential oils and other ingredients that have medicinal benefits.

15+ Natural Organic Beauty Products

Saying No to harsh chemicals will not only benefit your skin, but your overall health!

Did you know that many of the natural makeup brands include ingredients that are detoxing?

One thing I noticed when I switched to natural beauty products was that my hair started to fill in ( medications had caused major hair loss) and the products that I was using had natural anti aging ingredients. I look much younger and healthier and have next to no inflammation ,which I do believe overly harsh chemical products had contributed to this.


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    If you have been wondering how to go non toxic and chemical free , don’t worry there are  many companies out there that carry chemical free make up and beauty products.

    One of the best places to look is Etsy , it is one of my favorite go to’s for natural bath & body products. Sephora also carries many natural brands.


    Do you have a favorite chemical free cosmetic product or company? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

    How To Relax At The End Of A Long Day

    How To Relax At The End Of A Long Day

    It has been a crazy busy week for me (what else is new? )
    Between launches,working on course creation, creating new content, curating Boards, new clients and my every day tasks this week ..well I have been pooched!

    So how do I relax after a long day? A nice long soak, a glass of wine and some meditation!

    Thankfully one of my tasks this week was testing out some products From an Etsy Store called Georgia Charms.

    Some of you may know that before I became a Blogger I had owned a Candle & Gift Store that was mainly handcrafted items. I am a HUGE Etsy fan and love to support smaller businesses , especially ones that focus on handcrafted products. And if they make products similar to the ones I used to make ..well ya, I am a tad bit biased.
    I love testing out products .. I am a product Junkie!
    Fact #1 – I Love Lush Products!

    Fact #2 I LOVE Duplications of Lush Products even more!

    I find that the smaller store owners really put some love & creativity in to their products. And Georgia Charms has some AMAZEBALLS dupes of some Lush Favorites.
    I had the chance to test a few of her gems this past week , which was a really nice end to a long day … a few times!

    So How Did The Products Compare?

    To be quite honest with you … all of Georgia Charms products were better than the Lush Products that I have tried ..and remember.. I am a Lush Fan. This Girl knows her formulations!

    The Giant Volumizing Sea Salt Shampoo did wonders for my hair! I never really had god second day hair and this shampoo not only gave a little lift to my baby fine hair but kept it from getting oily by the next day. Oh and it smells devine!

    The bath bombs seemed to fizz forever and the bubble bars created a bubble bath like no other. I only used half as much as I would have of a Lush Bubble Bar and got twice the amount of bubbles! And again the smell …  soooo good! The Tardis Bubble Bar was my favorite one of all and is really a Unisex kind of scent. Unicorn Horn was a light feminine fruity smell (Lovespell Dupe)  and again crazy bubbles!

    The Angel Skin Soapless Cleanser combined with a facial moisturizer by the same name has really evened out my skin tone . I don’t believe she has the moisturizer listed yet but hopefully she will list it soon because it is a winner!

    I did an unboxing video which you can find on the sidebar. Do you want a review of the additional products that were in the box?  Which Products do you want to try?

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