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If you are anything like me then you have really been trying to cut back on the amount of chemicals that make it on and in your body. I have this belief that if I couldn’t eat it and not get sick, I probably shouldn’t be putting it on my skin either. This prompted me to find the best natural & organic beauty products to replace the chemical laden versions that I had over flowing in my makeup closet.

Over exposure to chemicals can cause a plethora of medical issues and I know first hand the havoc that can wreak! 

Saying goodbye to some of my favorite brands was kind of difficult, over time I had acquired quite the collection of high end brands, however, the majority of them did not make the cut when I decided to go chemical free.

The thing I love most about these natural cosmetic companies is that the ingredients are not only natural but have essential oils and other ingredients that have medicinal benefits.

15+ Natural Organic Beauty Products

Saying No to harsh chemicals will not only benefit your skin, but your overall health!

Did you know that many of the natural makeup brands include ingredients that are detoxing?

One thing I noticed when I switched to natural beauty products was that my hair started to fill in ( medications had caused major hair loss) and the products that I was using had natural anti aging ingredients. I look much younger and healthier and have next to no inflammation ,which I do believe overly harsh chemical products had contributed to this.


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    If you have been wondering how to go non toxic and chemical free , don’t worry there are  many companies out there that carry chemical free make up and beauty products.

    One of the best places to look is Etsy , it is one of my favorite go to’s for natural bath & body products. Sephora also carries many natural brands.


    Do you have a favorite chemical free cosmetic product or company? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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