If you have been wondering how you can use Pinterest To Grow Your Business then keep reading! Let me show you how you can optimize Pinterest for Viral Pins, Email List Building and tons of exposure!

I was fortunate to be on a live webinar last night with Pinterest’s Head of Product Marketing, Sarah Hoople Shere  and Alisa Meredith, Tailwind’s Content Marketing Manager. (Get a FREE Trial of Tailwind) I came away with some amazing information regarding Pinterest and their Best Practices. And how you can grow your Pintetest Account, increase your visibility and ultimately reach your target audience.

So what did I find out?

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There were many valuable tips given out that will help you grow your Pinterest Account like a BOSS!

Here are 8 tips to help you gain an authentic Pinterest Following & how you can use pinterest to grow your business


1- Time of Day does NOT matter when pinning your content! However, do be mindful of your first 5 pins for the day ( which starts at Midnight UTC) and ensure that you pin to the most relevent board first.


2 – There is no such thing as pinning too much! But Pinterest favors consistency over quantity. So don’t pin 100 things one day and then not pin again for several days . Consistently pin every day , you can get great results only pinning 5 -10 pins per day if you follow the Best Practices.

Pinterest To Grow Your Business , How to Make money with Pinterest
3 – Pinterest does not recommend deleting under performing pins! Contrary to popular belief , under performing pins will not effect your Pinterest account. The poorly performing pin will not be seen in other people’s feeds but it will not keep your other pins from being shown. Your time is best spent creating new pins not deleting them.

4- Use the same keywords in your pin description and your blog post keywords. Great SEO ensures that your pin is shown to more people and more importantly the right people.

5- Pinterest allows up to 20 relevent hash tags. Use keywords rather than keyword stuffing.

6-  According to Pinterest the best size pin follows the 2:3 ratio. 600 x 900 is a commonly used size , if you choose another size just remember that the pins should be 1.5 times as long as it is wide.

7- One of the top burning questions … Are board covers necessary ? According to Pinterest , the short answer is no! Because Pinterest is ever evolving and making changes ( as well as you should be ) , so board covers really are a waste of time. Your time would be best spent making sure that your pins are searchable. Spend the time on making quality pins, rather than cute board covers.  Boards covers will not hinder anything and are great to brand your content but does not carry any benefit in the eyes of Pinterest.

8- Avoid placing logos in the corners of your Pins. Why? Pinterest is always testing and the lens icon is most often found in the corners of pins , therefore your logo may not be visible.

I hope you found this information as valuable as I did and start implementing these changes on your Pinterest profile. Let me know in the comments below which of these tips you found the most helpful and any changes you noticed with your Pinterest account after implementing.


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Pinterest To Grow Your Business , How to Make money with Pinterest
Pinterest To Grow Your Business , How to Make money with Pinterest
How to earn money with Pinterest, How to grow your pinterest following