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4 Ways You Can Earn Money With Pinterest

Did you know that they are several different ways that you can earn money with Pinterest?

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is not just for Recipes and craft projects. 

Read on to find out the 4 different ways that you can earn money with Pinterest.

#1 – You can earn money by using Pinterest for affiliate Marketing.

Do you love Fashion? Or more importantly , does your audience love fashion? Or how about Makeup , Crats, Home Decor? The possiblities are endless really. Create Custom Pins and pop in your affiliate link ( make sure to use relevant keywords ) to reach targeted buyers.

#2 – Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or landing page to grow your email list.

You then have people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer and that you can market to on a continual basis.

 #3 – Earn Money with Pinterest Selling Your Own Products

You can also make custom pins promoting your own products. Have an Etsy Store? E-commerce Store? Digital Product ? You can promote just about any product and have the pin url go right to your sales pages!

#4 – Use Pinterest & Google Ads to add another revenue stream

Use Pinterest to drive tons of FREE traffic to your site and get paid by Google for those visitors by placing Google Ads on your site.

How to Make money with pinterest , how to grow your pinterest following

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Jennifer Dawn is a Blogger & Marketer who teaches others how to Grow Their Blogs And Business Utilizing Social Media. She is A Pinterest expert and loves to help out small businesses and Entrepreneurs.

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