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Stop Working Hard! The Best Ways To Work Smart In Business.

Stop Working Hard! The Best Ways To Work Smart In Business.

Stop Working Hard! The Best Ways To Work Smart In Business #business #marketing Best Small Business Tips // Best Tips For Marketing Your Business // Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

It’s that old adage that seems to work very well in business; don’t work hard, work smart. But it’s easier said than done. When it comes to getting your business up and running, it’s a swift combination of persistence and dedication, not to mention the numerous teamwork exercises, technology, and that sheer gung-ho attitude to make the business what it is. This all sounds like hard work! So what can you do to make sure that you and any employees you have embrace the idea of working smart instead of working hard?

Automating Where You Can

The great thing about automation is that it’s an essential component to make everything work for you. Even in marketing, you can manage Adwords with PPCnerd and other scripts services, but also, by implementing back office procedures that can keep customer info on file, and social media programs that can drip-feed posts, you’re automating a very hefty proportion of your business. It’s not always that easy, but if you can automate, and prepare a lot of the information you’re going to dish out in advance, this means that, in effect, the business is operating while you are not!

Minimize Fatigue

From the perspective of any solopreneur, fatigue is a very common ailment. Decision fatigue is one of those things that appears to be so common now, that these little choices we make can be the equivalent of the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not only can you minimize decision fatigue by little items of preparation, but you can work to minimize fatigue from the perspective of the people that work for you. There are techniques, such as the 80/20 technique, also known as Pareto’s Principle, that can blow your operation wide open. The fact that 80% of the work can be done with 20% of the overall effort can be very enlightening, especially to those people that believe working hard is way more productive. But in addition to this, by structuring the work day so your employees are minimal in their burnout, by helping them to tackle their most difficult tasks in the morning, means that they will work better according to their own skills. We don’t like to be too rigid and confined to a specific working pattern, especially if it is the antithesis to what we want to achieve. Ultimately, as long as the work gets done, the order they do it in doesn’t matter.

Working smart embodies so many components, but also, you need to think about if you are being clear in terms of your goals. Working smart is about focus and clarity, and if you have a very disheveled attitude to getting work done, it’s hardly a surprise that productivity is all over the place! These days, we should communicate working smart instead of working hard, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t follow this maxim. But by embracing this attitude, you will find that productivity shoots up, and your workers will be happier as a result!


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    How To Brand Your Business – Social Media Marketing Tips

    How To Brand Your Business – Social Media Marketing Tips

    How To Brand Your Business – Marketing Tips For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

    Whether or not you are a Blogger or just looking to promote a Side Hustle , Product or Business …  You NEED Branded Content!

    Branded Content not only looks more professional, it is a way for people to start recognizing you. Often people will associate certain colors , fonts & layouts as belonging to a certain person or product.

    This is part of your branding identity , known as your branding color palette.

    Please be aware that this site utilizes affiliate links. All this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    How Do I Brand My Content?

    One of the best ways to brand your content is with the use of styled stock photos. It took my Brand from a 2 to a 10 the moment I implemented the changes. 

    Let’s face it, not everyone is good with a camera or has the artistic talent and props to pull off a professional looking photo . I use a mix of Styled Stock Photos and my own photos but let me tell ya that the Stock Photos are a real time saver!

    Where Do I get Styled Stock Photos?

    I have a couple of places that I like to Shop for my photos , themes and fonts. They provide high quality images and affordable packages so whether you are a seasoned Pro or looking to get off on the right start , here are a few places you will want to have a look.

    Creative Market – Ahhh .. the beauty that can be found within these cyber walls. It really doesn’t matter what your niche is … Creative Market has what you need!

    Etsy is another great place to find stock photos, fonts, and themes along with Elegant Themes.

    Personalize your photos by using sites such as PicMonkey , Easil& Canva . They are all super easy to use and have free versions as well.

    Many of these sites offer easy-to-edit social media templates which make it super easy to professionally brand your Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Linked In, or any other Social media platform that you choose to brand your business on.


    So You Are Attracting Your Ideal Clients & Customers!

    Another well used and loved tool is Leadpages.  I use it to build sales funnels and create beautiful branded images ( it also  is easily integrated with many other apps and software) 

    In keeping with the branded theme of your business, make sure that it carries over in to your other marketing efforts, like email marketing.

    You can easily set up custom email templates that match your branding color palette and use the branded images that you have created across all of your social media platforms ( just make sure to use the appropriate sized image for each platform)

    You may even want consider having a Custom Made Logo and you can find some inexpensive options on Fiverr. 
    (any kind of Logo Design for $5!! )

    So to Sum it all up … Once you have decided on your Niche & Focus , It is time to Brand Yo’self!

    • Choose 2-4 Complimentary Colors
    • Use Clear Images that stand out
    • Find 2-3 Complimentary Fonts
    • Create Content

    An additional thing to consider is having your brand or website name on all photos to watermark them. You WANT people to know who you are and how to find you! 

    If you would like to know more about Branding and How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business , you will definitely want to check out Pinning For Profit.

    Leave me a comment below and tell me What aspect of your Blog or Business are you struggling with?

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    The Three Most Important Things To Remember When Starting A Business

    The Three Most Important Things To Remember When Starting A Business

    Starting a business is one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. However, along with taking that leap, you get the opportunity to create financial freedom for yourself, become wealthy, make a big impact on the world in a way that you know only you can, and so much more.

    More and more people are feeling empowered and creating plans to start their own business daily. However, there are some very important things to remember when starting a business. You probably have a good idea of some of them, but you really shouldn’t forget the three important things in this post. Creating a business plan is pretty straightforward, and most people know they have to do that. Taking care of the legal aspects is also a given. What else do you need to remember that might not immediately come to mind?

    Read on for the three most important things to remember when starting a business:

    Focus On Your Market, Not The Product

    Many entrepreneurs and business owners tend to start their business by focusing on the product. They spend ages perfecting it, making sure it’s just right before it goes to market. That’s all well and good – but if you’re not focusing on the market, how can you be sure that you have the product just right? You might think that it’s perfect, but what about everybody else?


    The most important thing you’ll do when starting your business is focus on the market, and not the product. The market will help you to hone and define your product. People need to tell you what they want, and you need to listen. You can’t try to tell them what they want and hope for the best! Do market research and as find out as much as you can.

    Always Overestimate Your Costs

    Having finances in place to get started and keep you going when you’re just starting out or when times get hard is imperative. You need to be prepared for emergencies. If you have a quiet month and you have staff to pay, or you have equipment to repair, or something crucial to purchase, how will you do that? Carefully doing the math so you know your numbers off by heart is all you can do. You can use resources like to obtain loans, but you still need to know your numbers. They should be in your business plan – just make sure that when overestimating, you make it clear as to what you’re doing and why. You don’t want your numbers to look sloppy.

    Sometimes You’ll Need To Let Go

    It can be hard to let go as a business owner. After all, this is likely your baby! That being said, having flexibility and a plan B is all part of being an entrepreneur. You need to know when it’s the right time to let go, change plans, and veer off course a little. Sometimes it makes sense. Being too rigid won’t do you any favors.

    The 3 Most Important Things You Must Remember When Starting A Business. Thinking about starting  your own business? Find out what the 3 most important things are Small Business // Start A Business // Small Business Tips // Marketing for New Business

    What Are The # Most Important Things To Remember When Starting A Business. Thinking about becoming your own b0ss? Find out what the 3 most important things are Small Business // Start A Business // Small Business Tips // Marketing for New Business
    What You Need To Remember When Starting Your Own Biz! // Start A Business // Small Business Tips // Marketing for New Business
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