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How To Increase Website Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Discover how you can drive tons of organic traffic to your Blog with these Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Small Business. Learn why Pinterest IS NOT a Social Media site and what it actually is and how to use it to grow your Blog fast! #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest Marketing Strategies that work!

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is not just for old ladies looking for recipes and crochet patterns. ( Although it is great for those too! ) Did you know that you can also use Pinterest to increase your website traffic FAST?

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Drive Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website!

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Increase Website Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Learn how to utilize pinterest to drive tons of organic, targeted traffic to your Blog , Products and Services. #pinterest #marketing #bloggingtips How to use Pinterest For Bloggers // Pinterest Marketing Tips // Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Pinterest Marketing Tip #1

Convert to a Pinterest Business Account. There are 2 really big reasons to do this. The first one would be access to the analytics and secondly to Promoted Pins. If you really want to get amazing results with your Promoted Pins, you will want to check out the Promoted Pins course from my gal Monica over at Redefining Mom. She will teach you how to get the most out of your promoted pins campaigns on a Budget , which is great for Beginners. And really, why pay more if you don’t have to?

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 2

Research & Use Keywords! In order for your content to be found, people have to know that it is out there in the first place. You can achieve this by researching what people actually search for on Pinterest and on Google, there are numerous keyword research tools available for you accomplish this task.

Knowing exactly who your audience is and what they are searching for will pretty much guarantee that you will create meaningful, valuable content that people will want to click on, read and share! You can learn how to do this in My Course Pinning For Profit 2.0


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Pinterest Marketing Tip # 3

Automate your Pinning with Tailwind! I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable this tool really is … not only can you use it to schedule out all of your pins , you can also use it to pin to and from Group Boards. You can also join niche specific Tribes that will help you get your pins in front of more people , increasing your monthly reach and increase the chances of that pin going viral! Get a FREE MONTH OF TAILWIND HERE

You can also use Pinterest Marketing without a Blog and use it for Affiliate Marketing. 

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 4

Use Pinterest to get email subscribers which will ultimately drive traffic back to your website!

When I made sure that any page that I was driving traffic to with Pinterest has a couple of opt in options available, I saw my list go from almost 0 to over 1300 in a very short amount of time!  Get yourself a good email marketing service ( I use Convert Kit) and start building your list

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 5

I mentioned access to them in Tip #1 but I highly recommend that you run promoted pins campaigns. When done correctly, they can greatly increase your website traffic… FAST and increase email sign ups and sales. Promoted Pins should definitely be a part of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy!

5 Tips For Growing Your Business Fast With Pinterest. PInterest Marketing Strategies for Bloggers to increase Blog traffic with Pinterest. #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips Pinterest Marketing strategies for small business. Pinterest marketing even without a Blog! Sign up for FREE 7 Day Course.

The vast majority of people see Pinterest as a Social Media site, when in fact , it is a visual search engine. When you use these proven Pinterest marketing strategies for your small business you will start laying a foundation for consistent, organic traffic.

Many large brands are now starting to realize the power in the Platform and are hiring Pinterest Managers like myself, to grow their brand on Pinterest.

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