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So you have been working hard to grow your Pinterest account but you want bigger faster results … what do you do? My advice is to automate where you can and learn how to use analytics. There are so many different platforms and apps out there it is hard to know not only which ones to use but which ones are safe to use without the fear of having your account shut down! Keep reading to find out How to grow your Pinterest Account & Business with tools that are approved by Pinterest.
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So you have written great content and now you have to get in front of people. But who has the time to manage all of the social media tasks involved in running a successful blog or business? You do!

There are 2 great tools that I am using myself to schedule posts Hootesuite & Buffer ( and they can be used in conjunction with each other! )  You can view Hootsuites Pricing Plan below. Buffer is $15 per month or $144 per year. If you would like a training on how to use either one of these programs leave me a comment.

More Tools Approved By Pinterest

Percolate | The leading Content Marketing Platform

Percolate brings new, innovative capabilities to enhance your entire marketing process. Build and manage your complex marketing programs and easily organize integrated campaigns.
SocialBakers empowers its customers to maximize the potential of social media and accelerate growth.” – I spent some time looking around the platform and can say it wasn’t for me.  I need programs that are super easy to use and this one was confusing to me. If you have any luck with it, leave me a comment below.


SocialCode drives a deeper understanding of the dominant attributes of your customers and we use that insight to identify your best potential prospects, including cross-platform cost and addressability estimates, so you can reach them with the right message, at the 
right time.

AdParlor does complex media buying better than anyone else out there. Our unique tech-enabled approach to blending media buying with tailored creative results in improved ROI and ROAS for your paid digital campaigns.

Get a higher return on your ad spend. Ads can be run on any of the Major platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In , Pinterest , etc.
If you are looking to scale your business or grow your social media quickly, there is no shame in hiring the professionals to do it for you! There are many online professionals who don’t know how to do it all. There are even more that just want that time they would have spent on marketing to just focus on creating great content. The more you can outsource, the faster you can grow.

For actually learning how to grow Pinterest yourself, I recommend Marketing Solved. Learn valuable Marketing Tips, Social Media Hacks and so much more to run a successful business and get more people engaged with your posts.


For a full list of marketing partners approved by Pinterest  click here

Do you want to grow Your Pinterest following and need a little help? Check out this post for Pinterest approved third party marketing tools. #marketingtips #entrepreneur #PinterestMarketing How To Grow Your Pinterest Account // Pinterest Marketing Tips // Pinterest Approved Tools // Grow Your Business
Learn how you can grow your Pinterest Account and Business with tools that are actually approved by Pinterest #marketingtips #entrepreneur #PinterestMarketing How To Grow Your Pinterest Account // Pinterest Marketing Tips // Pinterest Approved Tools // Grow Your Business
Worried about Pinterest shutting down your account for using third party tools? Check out this Blog Post to find out which are approved by Pinterest #marketingtips #entrepreneur #PinterestMarketing How To Grow Your Pinterest Account // Pinterest Marketing Tips // Pinterest Approved Tools // Grow Your Business
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