9 thoughts on “My Pinterest Account Disappeared , What To Do If This Happens To You!”

    1. My account disappeared too! I got an email that I was spamming and that my account got suspended. I made them check again. I hope my account gets restorede cuz my designing business was really soaring…

  1. I am one of the thousands,millions who enjoy the site for pleasure not for business.
    My site vanished 2 / 3 weeks ago and just want it back.
    Any advice ? Joan Borrill@ yahoo.co.uk

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I just read your post about your Pinterest account being suspended, and you mentioned that you created another account for your business while waiting for your account to be reactivated. My question is do you need to claim/link your website with your new Pinterest account? If you start to pin posts that takes you to your website, will Pinterest pick up on that? And how did that affect your scheduled posts on Tailwind?

    Sorry, I have so many questions right now. It’s very overwhelming. I have been emailing Pinterest but I still haven’t got a real person respond to me.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Corrine, have you emailed creators-support@pinterest.com ? This is the email I use and have typically gotten a fairly quick response. If you create a back up account , you will not be able to claim your website because the other account already has it claimed. However, by creating a back up account, you can essentially catalogue your existing content , ( I was still able to pin from the main account ) or at the very least re pin some of your content and still have traffic running to your links. If you have any other questions , I will do my best to answer them here but do live training in my group for my students.

  3. Hey Jennifer, thank you so much for this. I just logged in today and my business account was gone. I’m in such a panic I don’t know what to do. I’ve put in so much work 🙁

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