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Spiritual Awakening & Manifesting Money

Manifesting With The Moon & Intention

There is a new moon May 4th and it is the optimum time to start manifesting with the moon and setting intentions.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and coupled with a new moon , manifestation power is increased! I am sure you have heard about spiritual awakenings and higher consciousness and learning how …

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Healing Crystal Jewelry // Crystal Healing Wands // Healing Crystal Grids

Healing With Intention – Crystal Grids

What Are Crystals? Crystals are living entities, such as ourselves, yet thrive much differently. As you may discover, just as our brains are as a computer, so are crystals! Crystals are living, thriving, higher – dimensional technology, here, to aid us in our spiritual growth on this human journey! They are capable of communicating higher …

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How My SPiritual Awakening Has Helped My Business Grow. I have learned how to deal with blocked emotions, balance my chakras and heal others with Reiki. This has enabled me to manifest things at lightening speed and has given me so much clarity on what my life purpose is. Come learn more ... #spiritual #creative #reikienergy

Spiritual Awakening & Manifesting Money

This past summer was when my spiritual journey really began, it was when my world opened up to new possibilities and healing on a quantum level! I began going through my spiritual awakening & manifesting money on a regular basis! As you may or may not be aware, I have suffered from chronic illness & …

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