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This Month I am participating in The Coping With Trauma Summit. This summit is very near and dear to my heart. More than ever right now people around the world are needing support is coping with traumatic events , unresolved childhood trauma and learning how to cope with tragedy.

This event is full of experts that have all over come traumas of their own and now help others do the same. 

You can use my link to sign up here ( and yes I am affiliated with the event) several of my colleagues are speaking at this event and have been a huge support when it came to dealing with some of my own issues

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Kids Coping From Trauma Due To Bullying

With the high levels and stress right now we are seeing kids trying to cope with trauma, adults coping with trauma  and so may who are coping  with tragedy.

Perhaps your child has been bullied and suffers from trauma? Childhood trauma when left unchecked can lead to many issues later on in life , learn how to help children and teenagers cope with traumatic events.

Who Would Benefit From These Steps To Heal Trauma?

Victims & Survivors:
Car accident / Childhood Trauma / Medical Trauma / Narcissistic Trauma / PTSD / C-PTSD / Relationship Abuse / Bullying  
Service Members:
911 Dispatch / Law Enforcement / Fire / EMS / Victim Advocates / Military / Veterans
Victim & Survivor Help:
Victim Advocates / Trauma Counselors / Support Group Leaders / Spouse and Family 

You are not just going to learn coping mechanisms for trauma.

You will get actionable steps to take to start letting go of the trauma that has been holding you back from fully enjoying your life. 

Let pain, depression and anxiety become a thing of the past! Do you know someone who could benefit from attending this summit?

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