Have you been wondering why your pins haven’t been getting re-pinned?

Are you making the 3 most common mistakes many Pinterest users are making? Here are the things you need to know to get the most re-pins for your Pins!

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#1 – Make Sure that you are not using small square photos!

It has been shown that people who pin longer images .. typically 735 pixels  x 1102 pixels get more re-pins! ( Update- 4-23-18 : Pinterest states that the ratio 2:3 is the best performing pin ratio)

#2 Make Sure that you Use SEO in Your Titles and your Photos that you upload

Pinterest is really a big search engine .. Make sure that people can find what they are looking for by using relevent, targeted  keywords.

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#3 Which is by far the most common mistake made .. DO NOT just pin just an image and a url !

For Heaven’s sake do not forget the pin description!

I do not know how many times I have passed on sharing content because it didn’t have a description. Tailwind will not let you pin anything that does not contain a description .. and if it doesn’t have one? Well the likely hood of me  or any other blogger making a description for your pin is slim to none … we are looking to save time. #harshtruth


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If you really want to super charge your Pinterest Growth , I highly recommend Pin Funnels.

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    Helpful post! I agree with you that longer images get more re-pins. It is also good to follow boards and just pin and pin and pin!

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    I am definitely signing up! I rarely put a description to my pins, glad I’ve read your useful tips! Thanks for sharing.

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    Pinterest is something that I have only just started to concentrate on for my blog. Some great tips here, thanks

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How to earn money with Pinterest, How to grow your pinterest following
How to earn money with Pinterest, How to grow your pinterest following
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